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State To State 2 digital on Bandcamp

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State To State 2 digital on Bandcamp


Bandcamp Friday /808 State Friday Focus /State To State 2

Originally released in Jan 2002 as a free CD with the DVD release OPTIBUK
A collection of promo videos for singles , A short film about the 1992 Turbo Rave at G Mex
plus a collection of home videos whilst making the Don Solaris Album.
Relay - Recorded at The Woolhall November 1994 Mixed by Al Stone/808 State
Vox Continental Organ ,Fender Stratocaster ,Pocket Trumpet ,Akai Samplers, Gibson Firebird Bass through Korg G50 Synth bass processor.Mini Moog ,909 and JD800.
One of a number Of Mixes of a track with the working title Manama Jazz .It actually had that "Manha Manha" by the Muppets in the first mix , and was just as irritating as the original record -
This mix we did on Bonfire Night in the Somerset country side- The Organ is going through a figure of 8 panner if you ve got your headphones on. Trumpet through distortion and whammy pedal barely distinguishable from the electric guitar - Rumbling bass guitar through a synth pedal , Vibraphone - Aiming to be an update of Miles Davis 70s vibes a track like Rated X for instance.
Long Orange -Recorded at PWL studios Manchester April 1997 -Mixed by Jason Barron & 808 State - Memory Moog,Mini Moog ,ARP 2600,Pro One,Jupiter 8 , Akai Samplers ,TR909 & Denon Rhythm Box
This track started out when we got a commission from the BB& H advertising agency in Soho to do some music for an Orange Phone TV advert - Oxford Rowing Team footage -hence the water sounds and Inspector Morse type string atmosphere - We took it off in a drum & bass direction with a beautiful long melody that moves up a half step thus inventing two & a half step . We played it in the live set a lot over the years .
Kong King -Recorded at PWL studios Manchester May 1997
Mixed by Jason Barron & 808 State
Soprano Saxophones , Ajax Vibraphone ,Fender Bass, Melotron Strings,Korg Prophecy
Aka Samplers TR909 and Raveolution 309 drums.
One afternoon I accidentally bought an old vibraphone from Johnny Roadhouse (second hand music store) and insisted we take it everywhere and tried to squeeze it into a track here and there.
There is a Vibrophonic chromatic run at the end of London By Night by Sinatra and another one at the end of Nat King Cole’s version of Fly Me To The Moon - Probably both played by Emil Richards at Capital Studios through their car park echo chambers - Well I was chasing that special sonic moment since hearing it as a kid ,starting with a Sooty Xylophone moving up to Glockenspiel ,then having your own Vibes was a big deal..
Also being a big Martin Denny /Arthur Lyman fan it was important to do half an hour of vibes in the morning to set your self up for the day.
I love Mellotron strings all crusty and wobbly -Here we use the early G Force plug In version.Plug ins were a new idea at the time. Harmonics on the bass played on the keyboard sampler. Melodies on the soprano sax played twice for thickness. Must have been chasing long convoluted melodies at the time.Quite chuffed with this one.
The Ten Ten - Recorded at PWL studios Manchester May 1997
Mixed by Jason Barron & 808 State
Memory Moog , Mini Moog , ARP 2600 ,Oberheim Four Voice, Korg Prophecy ,Akai Samplers
Voice to G5 guitar processor,Juno 106 , Jupiter 8, TR909
Named after a 1960’s bikers cafe on the A6 in Levenshulme ,Across the road was a Mod hang out and scooter park/ sit in chip shop called The Don. Tension on the A6 !
Cassius-Recorded at PWL studios Manchester May 1997
Mixed by Jason Barron & 808 State
Soprano Saxophones ,Bass Trombones ,Korg Vocoder,Moog Opus 3 ,Akai Samplers,Melotron Flutes ,
Cash Convertors Bass Trombone purchase comes into effect .More G Force Mellotron . The sax is fed through an old Korg Vocoder keyboard that we found in the store cupboard at PWL .
Pete Waterman would pop in occasionally and scratch his head , why would people make this music ? As I said before we would have cups of tea with H from Steps , and Mark E Smith was doing a spoken word album at the time ,so you had to move the microphone stand out of the toilet
if needed to go . He liked the acoustics.
Hooked -Recorded at PWL studios Manchester May 1997
Mixed by Jason Barron & 808 State
Danelectro Baritone Guitar ,North African Oboe,Fender Bass , ARP Odyssey,TR909 ,
MAC Singers
The title is a nod to Peter Hook’s sound - that we got using a Baritone guitar fed through a E H chorus pedal .The reedy sound is an north african tourist instrument .Anyone remember Ray Mann’s percussion shop in Soho ? I always walked out with some kind of exotic instrument back then.
Fuzz Nasty - Recorded and mixed at PWL, Manchester, October 1997 Written, produced and mixed by 808state and Jason Baron
Les Paul /Telecaster guitars/Fender Bass/Drum kit (Colin Seddon)/BentleyAcetone organ/alto saxophone/akai sampler/mini moog/juno 106/909 drumbox/Casio VL Tone drums.
We called in Colin Seddon our live drummer at the time , great snare sound “dwang ! “ Typical of our live jams back then , has some free style alto sax at the end - a few guitar riffs , had a new fangled Korg G5 Multiprocessor that got a lot of use . Great fun to play live - we played it in the set when we did a Mega Dog Tour around the States that Autumn
Villains and Nerds
Recorded and mixed at Testa Rossa, May 1998 Written and produced by 808 State Mixed by Andy Rossa.
Baritone Saxophones/Drum Kit (James Ford)/Oberheim 4 voice/Akai samplers/voice/Casio CZ101 organ/Waldorf Wave/TR 909 and Quasimidi Raveolution 309 drums.
We moved on to Testa Rossa Studios which used to be called Moonraker -A funny little place behind a petrol station in Longsight - Gerald recorded Voodoo Ray there back in the 80s.
We recorded a lot there as it had an up to date Pro Tools set up which was exiting at the time.
James Ford (later of Simian /Mobile Disco ) was our drummer at this point , he s on this track .
The main Riff is part sampled brass with OB 4 and a stack of Baritone sax parts that I played when looking for a Roy Wood /Wizard wedge of sound. The organ is a classic preset from the Casio CZ101.Occasionally pops up in the live set to this day.
Quincy’s Lunch - I think this an un edited mix from PWL of a single we made for Jockey Slut Magazine’s 7 inch record club called “Slut Smalls” . The label was put to gather by Richard Hector Jones one of their writers. The other side had a track called Move U.R. Body by Jega , I think this was first in the series that ran monthly in 1999 -This and the following Track was nt on the original S2S2 .Another version appears on the US version of Outpost Transmission and indeed a new version is on the new ESP collection . Cant seem to leave this banger out of our live set in recent times,which is to point out that some State To State tracks have become top shelf merchandise
Banacheq Live at LA 2 London 22 -2 -97
Colin Seddon -Drums
Graham Massey - Fuzz Bass and Moog Liberation Keytar
Darren Partington - MC ,Congas ,Octopad
Andrew Barker - Samplers
Astoria LA 2 -I think LA2 was a venue upstairs at the Astoria on Tottenham Court Rd? -It was a London launch gig for our Don Solaris album .
The full cast of Train spottingTrain spotting turned up at this gig - the producer used to stay on our floor when in Manchester - Under world ?! Underworld !? I should of given him the sofa.

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