The new album

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The new album

Post by Slider »

Got the new album on Thursday, took it home and unwrapped it quickly. I must say, its not what I was expecting. To be honest I didnt know what to expect and I have to say some tracks are going to have to grow on me I think.

I remember taking about 20 listens to finaly get into Gorgeous so there is hope yet. The main tracks that have settled in with one listen are 606, RoundbumMary, Soulflex, Bent and Slow Boat.

I am kinda hoping 808 are gonna do another Middlesbrough gig soon, I dont have the resources to travel so I am gonna have to wait I suppose.

Paul Gray

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Post by Mark »

I'll second that. C'mon guys come back to Boro for a gig. Lets hope if OT is toured that Middlesbrough is on the venue list.

It is a little difficult travelling all over.

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Post by SkiFamily91 »

i returned home from Uni yesterday - the album was waiting for me when i arrived, from simbiotic :wink:

i went straight to suntower, as of the three i already knew, that was the only one i liked. Pure class...after about an hour and a half, i was acquainted with most of the album, but i have deliverately left out a coule of tracks (Bent, Dissadis) for a later date. Dont wanna spoil the surprise too much! I loved Wheatstraw (which everyone has rated hightly here) and i also considered the last 2 tracks to be of very high quality too...overall this is a pleasing effort. I was dissapointed with 606, however. Not the masterpiece i was expecting, given everyone here likes it. But to rate it relative to Don Solaris (as many already have) - well i dont think its as good. Overall: 8 / 10 :)


606: 6.5 / 10
Chopsumwong: 8.5 / 10
Wheatstraw: 9.5 / 10
Boogieman: 6 / 10 [this is just bad - TOTAL lack of emotion :( ]
Roundbum Mary: 6.5 / 10
Lemonsoul: 6.5 / 10
Suntower: 9.5 / 10
Bent: yet to hear
Dissadis: yet to hear
Souflex: 8.5 / 10
Crossword: 6 / 10
Lungfoo: 8 / 10
Slowboat: 9.5 / 10
Yoyo: 9 / 10

oh yeah, and i also had the pacific CD promo ready to delve into as well. Finally, a non-crackly pacific 909 :)

id have liked to be at the gig this evening, but i have no-one to go with. there was no way I was gonna arrange it on my own, it'd just feel lame. If i had a m8 who loved that lind of music, i know i could've persuaded him/her to come up - but all my freinds like rock, the bastards :x

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Post by SkiFamily91 »

oh and to add onto what Mark said - if youre touring the album come to Surrey uni :) You wont be able to miss me, ill be raving at the front in my butterfly shirt and no-one else will have heard of you, haha! But play a versatile set and everyone will go out and buy the new album, i guarantee it ;)


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Post by teknoman »

I got the new album on vinyl, for christmas. Crossword is incredible.
6 years after Don solaris, and worth every second. Thanks 808...

Ian C
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Post by Ian C »

Well worth the wait, an excellent album, Wheatstraw is classic!
Thanks 808.

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Post by Pob »

Finally got my OT after waiting over a month for Amazon to deliver it.

Yet again, 808 have created a whole new sound and I agree that it will be a couple of plays before I can appreciate the whole thing. I must say, I was mightily impressed with 606 and Roundbum Mary - pure class!

The most amazing thing, for me, is that when Don Solaris came out, it sounded almost experimental. Now, it sounds positively mainstream compared to OT. Just shows how far ahead of themselves 808 are.

Long live the State!

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor »

I'll second all that...OT sinks in deeper with every listen. cant wait to hear the Newbuild-era stuff, and the Ep should be interesting...

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Post by DaveLee »

yeah gotta say 808 couldn't have kicked off with a better track than 606.
it kind of grabs you straight away and makes you realise that this whole thing is gonna be different (6 years on from Don Solaris)
simian's poignant vocals work really well (although graham's vocoder effort at ascension should not go without mention!!)

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