Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge

Post by weunice »

I have never heard this song but I must admit it brings me a certain level of curiousity unlike any other 808 State song ... You see, I am from Baton Rouge and the only 808 State concert I have ever been able to make was when they came through Baton Rouge and played at the Varsity when I was in college. I drove 215 miles to catch the show and made it back to school for an 8am exam. Meat Beat Manifesto opened for 808 State that night ...

Anyway, why is the tune called Baton Rouge and where can I get my hands on it?


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Post by Mark »

No Idea why its called Baton Rouge, 808 always have superbly named tracks.

You can find it on the 2 disc Planet Electrica Compilation entitled 'Protection' released in 1998 on ELF records. Cat no ELF101. It also features some other great bands.

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Baton Rouge - Great Tune

Post by McBain »

Hiya Weunice,

I also was out looking for Baton Rouge for quite a while too. The only way I finally got to hear it was downloading it via AudioGalaxy.
Although in the harsh eyes of the copywriter this is piracy, I would have willing paid the dosh to buy it had I been able to find it out in the real
world. It's an uplifting tune, well worth your perseverance, kinda the same feel as 'GlobalState'.
ps No idea why it's called Baton Rouge either.. "Red Stick" ??

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Post by markus »

I was hoping Mass would answer this one. He definitely has a thing with American cities. After all, he named his own son Jackson Orlando.

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Post by graham »

yes it was named after our trip to baton rouge,where we met a nice lady with
the 7 dwarfs tatoed on her thigh ,and ate catfish

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