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Post by Vadertech »

Im surprised i have forgotten to bring this up as of late but i was wondering if 808 have plans to tour the US to promote OT in the spring? So few groups from the UK tour within reasonable distance of Buffalo so I am greatly deprived of good live shows. In fact I have been to 1 concert my entire life (Now isnt that sad!) and that was Orbital last year in Toronto. If 808 are planning a US tour, a Toronto stop would be greatly appreciated. :D

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Post by David »

Since I hopefully will be living near Buffalo soon an 808 stop even in Buffalo would be greatly appreciated.

Buffalo is so un-American with his run down industrial wastelands-it could almost be Manchester in the 1980s.

And Graham loves American cities too!

Come on 808 you know it makes sense!

If McCullogh can give a free gig there with his Bunnymen so can 808!! :P

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