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Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor »

Seriously, this is really shit - and it looks even shittier from the PR viewpoint. Will anyone care apart from us 'regulars' when it finally sees the light of day? Obviously the music will speak for itself, but how hard is it to release a record these days? I still hope they can play loads of festivals over the summer, and whip up some anticipation for the eventual release - could even be a good thing???

Another thing - an 808State release unavailable on vinyl? - get a f%*king grip!

NB. It's the icing on a particularly crusty turd of a week, especially after Wolves' spectacular f***-up missing out on promotion. Even worse is the bastards down the road sneaking up in our place!!!! (West Brom c*nts + Birmingham City(probably going up aswell))

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Post by McBain »

Well, you guys have pretty much said it all
for me.
At least we have 14 years of back catalogue to keep us going. Likewise we'll hopefully have the exclusive GlobalState unreleased tracks once a month like usual, guess we should be thankful for what we've got.

I was looking forward to an 808 summer though..


(ps I've got the Invader 12" Pob! Nya Nya n-Nya nya :grin: :grin:)

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Post by Pob »

Alright, don't rub it in!
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Post by Mark »

Well, its very dissapointing news, but lets face it us 808 fans have come to expect this sort of thing over the years.

I suppose it makes the wait even more anticipating. Its not 808's fault, but pen-pushing and legal wrangles are a bastard.

DMP, your'e spot on, that LFO track is loud! I really annoy my Oasis (and such like) playing neighbour with the Vegas Soul remix of Invader, very very loud with shattering bass especially with a good subwoofer.

Gauaranteed to drown out any bollocks.

I actually got a S Club 7 Cd sent to me by mistake by a well known music club. I kept it and haven't been billed so I sold it on Ebay for £8. Hooray for S Club!!!
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Post by PatFromCanada »

Wots naft about all this talk of crap pop 'chunes is the fact that S-Club 7 and Kylie Minougue's music is written by one person now. Cathy Dennis. "c'mon and get my love.." (with D-Mob). And wots worse is that I have to be cursed with that knowledge.

That Kylie, I'd luv to be up on that arse like a bike seat! Hmmmm Her, Michelle Phiefer and Sarah Craknell are the hottest! I'd luv to put'em all in a pile and 'do the elevator'!!

Do you see what's happening?? It - It's been far too long that I've been without a new 808 release!!! And now me mind's bin poisoned with the 'useless as tits on a bull' sounds of shallow pop values!



Pat Bastard.

Post by Souflex »

Obvoiusly very disapointed with the delay. It is though one of the things that 808state are noted for and I have come to expect/even like about them over the years. They are just SO worth the wait.

Oh aye and the live European dates, well
Graham if you are reading this I would really appreciate it if you come to the Netherlands or Germany or wherever in mainland Europe, but please please make it the latter end of August as I am southern hemisphere for a while and don't come back till the 20TH AUGUST. So anytime after that, OK?

Well I don't think my mind body and soul could take it if I wasn't able to hear me old tune souflex now could I???

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