graham ableton live2 question!

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graham ableton live2 question!


judging by your pics are you just using a pc to make tunes these days,and say ableton live as the main workhorse for all the jobs?
(obviously your still playing instruments but into ableton?)

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Post by graham »

Yes it was just a laptop gig,i did play some guitar.. how ever it changes with what the situation is,a festival like ATP is like a conveyor belt ,no sound check
loads of acts ,so its a form of dj ing with a bit of manouverability.

Melody Nelson
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could one give advice on how to break 'out of the loop'
and program beats more??? i know you can trigger loops
via the keyboard... too many questions.... hang on

1. start loop only moves in increments of like half a bar or summat. this is for having the same break in say four or 5 slots and
cutting it in live and spreading it across the keys...applying different
effects to different clips and you can get nice results

but i can't turn the big step increments off

2. have you go ta manual?

Melody Nelson
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Post by Melody Nelson »

that makes no sense whatsoever...

i've had a drink

Graham! Do you know much 1991 house??

this mp3 --- ... yo1992.mp3

21:05 minutes in


You can hear the crowd go wild for it...and it's slack
nice warm bubblin house HOUSE

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Post by markus »

Nelson, the link doesn't work. Also, please stay on-subject. If you need a tune IDing, create a new topic in 'music'. Thanks.

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Post by Melody Nelson »


try this instead, very bad recording but greta atmospheree ... yo1992.ram

--- back to live --

the best thing about it is it stretches and pitches stuff which is great and saves time....and the other good thing is all the effects are inbuilt so you don;t have problems with 'plugins' crahsing's all part of the same
softwr family....

i just wish i had some mates to show us around it....

anybody know any good tips/links ..... looping several loops
just doesn't seem good enough anymore

i've got a Korg MS10 sat next to me doing f*** all....
i can wire this in

can i downlaod some mates?

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