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Just had a quick gander at 606 in my audio editor. Seems that they've pushed it to just below the 0db limit without digital clipping. A good thing. Otherwise we'd get split second bursts of digital noise that sound harsh. Never a good thing for the ears.
However, it is compressed hard. Still, better than some albums. I'm sure this was intentional as Patfromcanada suggests. They were going for a harder sound with digital polish. Certainly a few steps away from previous albums. However, subjectively, they were easier on my ears...

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:) im a bit of a rookie i ave 2 say id rather keep it simple just ave a few units 2 muck around with im afraid the pc frightens me a bit i just use it for chitchat & silly art. i get turned on walkin into turnkey london seein all the little machines

i think theres sum gr8 noises u can sample wot r free at work theres this airconditionin unit which makes this wikkid bang when i walk near it so one break time i lay in wait 4it makes a mad drum sound put filters on it etc til its ok... keep yer ears open u realise thers so many weird noises to take & u dont get sued! can also carry me sampler w/me cuz it takes batteries

pretty small fry i kno but hell, ill see wer it goes!
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