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Post by SteveC »

At the time 90 was released, I was told that SUNRISE was actually recorded live in a warehouse before it got raided. This is probably unlikely, but SUNRISE does have a background vibe during the entire track, is this part of the programming to give it a live feel or have I just got water in my ears :D

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Post by PatFromCanada »

I agree man... it does seem to have a natural reverb to the whole thing making it VERY a atmospheric recording.

If this recording was achieved without using a massive space.... what fx hardware was used to get that gorgeous reverb?

It's so well engineered it's really haunting.

If you guys like that sound - I suggest getting afx's Selected Ambient Works 85-92 collection.

Also, If Graham is reading this.... what jazz track was the melody taken from? I mentioned this in a previous post that I heard an elevator jazz version of this in a dental commercial once and almost fell out me chair!

Cheers n thanks - Pat

Magical Dream
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Post by Magical Dream »

The main melody creates a sense of urgency and works well. Very urban feel to it, and def best played as the sun is coming up.

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Post by pacific707 »

Sounds to me like there is a vinyl record playing through some reverb. You can certainly hear the pops reverberated throughout, which indicates to me that the recording is effected by an outboard reverb. I would love to know who/what did the original track. Sounds vaguely middle-eastern, bathed in that ghostly reverb. 808 laid down a slightly out-of-tune line over top so it sets up nice tension between the existing recorded music and the stuff they wrote for it. 2 different tuning standards, notes beating, etc. Sunrise is definitely one of my favorite pieces...

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Post by markus »

I remember wondering if Sunrise had been influenced by Paul Horn as it sounded similar to one of his tracks called 'Mumtaz Mahal' from the 'Inside the Taj Mahal' album.

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Post by graham »

god you lot ask some huanting questions
If I can remember there was some water sounds off a sound fx record so thats
probaly the vynil sound.
the reverb was probably the lexicon 480 with a customised patch

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Post by SteveC »

.........just as I thought :wink:

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Post by McBain »

Had to come back from the dead for this post. Sunrise..
pretty much embodies what 808 means to me. It's great to read
people still talking about it. What a tune, what a feeling.. (whacks
it on full blast in the office ;-) )

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Post by Supraset »

heh that's c0ol I just thought it was noise... didn't know it was intended.

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Post by DaveLee »

i played 'sunrise' after i got home from the TG warehouse bash the other week. superb way to end an excellent night as the sun streamed through the window!

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