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Shamelessely pulled from quality rag



Circulation is one of the coolest names to drop just now. DJ duo Paul Whitelaw and Paul Jackson are making a name for themselves cross-pollinating techno and progressive styles. Well worth getting there early for.


He described his recent visit to the Arches as the "best gig of his life", but Darren also blew away Gig On The Green last year. Comfortable playing trance and progressive house, Darren's deck skills brought him to the attention of Tall Paul, who quickly signed him up for his Duty Free label where Darren works and records. Tipped to be among the next generation of superstars.

4.30-5.30 DIRTY VEGAS

This band is absolutely huge in America. The single Days Go By has taken the States by storm. They've just completed one of the most eagerly-awaited albums in dance and are tipped for big things this year.

5.30-7.00 CORVIN DALEK

In a relatively short space of time, Hungarian-born Corvin Dalek has burst on to the dance scene. Bringing his "Wet And Hard" sound back to Scotland, Corvin takes no prisoners when DJing.

7.00-8.30 SISTER BLISS

Equally at home behind the decks as she is behind the keyboards for Faithless, Bliss has rocked clubs around the world from Russia to Ibiza. A regular at Cream, Gallery and Renaissance, Bliss describes her style as emotionally uplifting with dark recesses and is arguably the world's top female DJ.

8.30-10.00 SEB FONTAINE

One of the biggest DJs in the world, Seb recently ended his two-year residency at Cream to allow him to concentrate on gigs around the globe. One of the few DJs who can play underground music to huge amounts of people and pull it off. Now with his own show on Radio 1, Seb is said to be favouring more techy grooves. A huge crowd-pleaser.

10.00-10.30 DANNII MINOGUE

The surprise package of Coloursfest. After topping the charts with Riva last year with the smash Where Did Our Love Go?, Dannii has just finished new tracks in New York with Roger Sanchez and this will be the first time her new sound is heard anywhere. She's said she is looking for a man in a kilt, so expect the front of the stage to be full of men in our national dress.

10.30-12.00 TALL PAUL

The Duty Free label boss's mixture of house and trance has made him a huge favourite up north. The 1998 Muzik DJ of the Year also runs the infamous Gallery club in London, often described as the best club in the city, and he knows how to work any crowd. Expect big tunes from the big man.

12.00-1.00 808 STATE

A founding force in Manchester's acid house scene, 808 State contributed to the popularity of Club Electronica with the strength of their releases. Formed in 1988, 808 State were responsible for classics such as Pacific State, Cubik, In Your Face and The Only Rhyme That Bites feat MC Tunes. Now back in the studio working on a new album.

1.00 - 2.30 TIESTO

2002 is Tiesto's year - the man can do no wrong. His productions are huge, his remixes are in demand and he's DJing to thousands wherever he goes. A great opportunity to hear tracks from his new album, which is not out until the end of June. Watch out for this guy - he is going to be massive.

2.30 - 4.00 TREVOR REILLY

Trevor's energetic, tough but euphoric style makes him a natural to conclude the festival. Now broadcasting across Scotland on The Smirnoff Experience, Trevor devastated the dance tent at Gig On The Green last year and will probably do the same this year.



2.00-4.00 JONATHAN U & DAVID M

Jonathan Ulysses and David Moreno are the residents at the world-renowned Space. The best DJs in the world call Space their favourite place to play - and these two have proved time and again that they can match any of their illustrious visitors.

4.00-5.30 SMOKIN' JO

The stunning Smokin' Jo is the Vivid resident playing at all their massive events worldwide. Favouring funky and vocal house, Jo's a favourite at the Ministry Of Sound and was asked personally by Danny Tenaglia to at his Vinyl residency.


Credited with bringing Acid House to Britain from Ibiza, Danny has recently left Radio 1 to concentrate on DJing. A Rampling set is always special.

7.30-10.00 ERICK MORILLO

The Subliminal svengali is sure to be one of the festival highlights as Morillo can party with the best of them. Vocal, percussive, tribal and always funky, Erick is a must-see DJ.

10.00-1.00 DAVID MORALES

The word legend is often used, but David Morales certainly fits the bill. The man behind the legendary Def Mix label has been pushing house music since day one and this is a rare opportunity to see one of the greats.

1.00 - 4.00 X-PRESS 2

Six decks, three mixers, a pile of effects boxes and a microphone all go into X-Press 2 DJing. Rocky, Diesel and Ashley Beadle are hot just now, their album Muzikizum is probably the dance album of the year and their smash hit Lazy featuring vocals by Talking Heads frontman David Byrne is undoubtedly the biggest dance track of the year so far.




Classic Hip-Hop from the likes of De la Soul, House of Pain and NWA.

3.00-4.00 GEORGE BOWIE

Clyde One's George Bowie starts the nostalgia with some of his biggest old skool tunes.


Scotland's leading trance expert is sure to be playing all the recent classics that have made trance huge.


The mighty Shades return with old favourites including Sounds Of Eden and Extacy.


When Take Me To The Top and Feel So Real kick in, watch the roof go off. Rave-tastic.

6.45-8.15 TOM WILSON

Tom is quite simply Mr Old Skool in Scotland and he'll be playing all the massive tunes from yesteryear just like he does on his incredibly successful radio show.

8.15-9.45 K-KLASS

They have new tunes in the offing, but classics such as Rhythm Is A Mystery and Let Me Show You will bring the house down.

9.45-11.40 GRAEME PARK

Parky takes a break from spinning new tunes to revisit classics from the infamous Hacienda, where the Aberdeen supporter was one of the first residents.


Where Love Lives is an all-time classic and not a million miles away from X-Press 2's Lazy. Wonder what soulful Diva Limerick will say to them when they catch up at Coloursfest?

12.00-1.00 HUGGY

Our very own Huggy plays his best blasts from the past and present.


The Tunnel man continues with the sounds that shaped Streetrave. Don't be surprised if there's a progressive ting to the tunes.


The original Streetrave duo pull out all the classics from the last 12 years. A rare treat for dance fans.




One of the city's up-and-coming talents, Graham has become a regular feature on the Glasgow club scene.

8.00-9.00 KIERAN McCANN

Kieran's DJing skills secured him residency at the Sub Club's infamous Blood alongside Glasgow Underground's DJ Q. With his talent well in excess of his tender years, he more than earns his position in the Sub Club young team.

9.00-10.00 PAUL CAWLEY

Long-time leader of Glasgow's breaks scene, Paul's club residencies from Phar Out to Psy Phi has ensured Glasgow's music-lovers have been exposed to the freshest and finest sounds around. Now running his own record label Fenetik under the Soma umbrella.


Long-time resident at the Sub Club's Saturday night, Subculture, Harri is synonymous with Glasgow's vibrant House scene. His extraordinary mixing and producing skills are perhaps best showcased on I Feel Good Things For You, while his Papa Washington Trio project have just released their Trio de Janeiro album and EP on Paper Recordings. He is undoubtedly one of the UK's most respected DJs. As one half of the Subculture partnership, Domenic's DJing skills have gained acclaim the world over. His long-term relationship with Leeds' Ralph Lawson saw him involved in the inception of the 20:20 Vision label and involvement in a number of 20:20 Vision projects.

1.00-2.00 MATT GREY

Discovered DJing in a Glasgow bar, Matt was swiftly recruited into the Sub Club fold. Matt continues to play in around Glasgow and promises to be one to watch for the future.

2.00-3.00 JENGAHEADS

These deck deviants are huge favourites in their home city of Glasgow. And as it's Martyn Jengaheads birthday, he'll be in the mood to party. Don't miss it.

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I think I'll be spending most of the day at the SOUNDS OF STREETRAVE ARENA before heading to the MAIN ARENA. How about everyone else? Is there anything before 5.00-6.00 SHADES OF RHYTHM that I need to see?

Gary you poor bastard, looks like you'll be 'treated' to David Morales in Ibiza...

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Post by Souflex »

Beggers can't be choooosers aaaargh!

I leave today and would like to say to you all that are going to Colours to have a f###in blindin time!

Also if Graham and the lads could see it in their way to let me have a listen to me old tune souflex (maybe through Markus) I would
feel a lot better....boohooo!

C'Mon Sweden!

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Post by Mark »

I can sympathize with you Gary,

I read all the stuff about Colours and I get pissed off cos I can't go. Looks like its gonna be corking. I have to arse about moving house while you jammy bastards get to see 808.

Well I hope you all have a great time. And once again, as with Glasgow I miss out. I hope we can all get together shortly!
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Markus, that plan sounds exactly what I intend to do!

Only problem is that because I want to see what DJ Tiesto is like, I might have to stay around until at least 2:30 in the morning (just after 808)!!

One more week to go!!


Nick :wink:
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Post by PeteB »

i got a mix cd of circulation free with DJ magazine, just been listening to it, sounds good, will check them out.
will also be checking out Shades Of Rhythm as long as they play their tunes!
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Definitely check out Circulation, probably one of the better 'new' acts around...they actually fly in samples and efx with the vinyl. Alison Limerick should also be worth catching - 'Where the Love Lives' is the ultimate piano/diva toon. X-press 2 are class (dont be put off by 'Lazy'), Morillo and Rampling are also worth a boogie - both play interesting stuff now (not too cheesy)...

Final word - strange that 808 are sandwiched between two of my least favourite 'avin it large' jocks - Tall Paul is v. commercial (Jules wannabe) and Tiesto plays corporate trance (Oakenfold wannabe). parp :wink:

Hope everyone going has a blinder and i'll expect a full report with pics the next day - well at least not 3 weeks later like last time

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And what's your excuse for not being there yourself then Rich?
By the way, has anyone got a decent digital camera?
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