Hot 808ish item on ebay

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Hot 808ish item on ebay

Post by solarex »


I have seen this video a couple of times on ebay lately. It is a hot 808 gem. It takes us right back to Manchester 1990 in the heydays. A great part of it is pure 808 State: 808 radio show, 808 studio, MC Tunes, Eastern Bloc, Gerald in Detroit etc. It is great.

Ebay: 3810478873 - Happy Mondays, 808 State, Northside, Inspiral vid

Clips of this one is used in 24 Hour Party People, and it was for sure and inspiration for the film.

I don't know how "original" this copy is, as I don't think it was ever released officially. But it is worth reaching for. Get it (or a homecopy) before the Mondays fans.
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Post by blue jammer »

It was never released officially as far as I know, so this will be a TV recording.

If of course you don't want to pay for it (currently at £4.99 - no mention of postage costs)

I will be hosting 2 files, part 1 and part 2, encoded from video on my site in the next week, clocking in at around 400meg for both files, so broadband only.

Visit and as I say, next week, the files will be on there, you'll need to register (which is free) to access them as bandwidth is limited.

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Post by nickking »

And, also, the same video turns up on a weekly basis from the same buyer, so unless they've got a whole load of official promos, it's definitely a bootleg!

Oh, and A Guy Called Gerald's also on it, so I'm looking forward to the download next week! :)


Nick ;)
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