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as you might know, lately i've been digging deep into my collection of 12"s, 7"s, LPs, CDs, Cd singles etc. i have a large bedroom full of bloody music & need to make space.
so i'm starting to get rid of (so to speak) some stuff I NEVER PLAY! i'm probably gonna sell it on eBay, but if anyones interested in what i've got & can tempt me to sell, please get in touch.

first items out of the window are Moby - 1 CD & 8 CD singles (1991-95).

looks like i'll throw away all garage (97/98) i have, f***ing shit bollox (had a weird spell then) - going back to my techno roots!

by the way - I WON'T be selling any 808, AON or KRAFTWERK. might be tempted parting with my HUGE Aphex & Orbital Collection. but i'm in a funny mood whilst typing this nonsense!

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