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Post by stephen »

Musically is there anything new or exiting happening in the Manchester underground?

Does Manchester have a techno scene?

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Post by McBain »

Hi Stephen,

Got to say first of all, my info for you here is half a decade out of date, as I moved away from Manc about 5 years ago. I'm still posting some chat though cos I believe that Manc will always have a strong underground, just something about the place, the mix of cultures ..

When I lived there, the techno/acid house/trance scene was very much alive and kicking; Nights like Herbal Tea Party @ New Ardri, Bugged Out @ Sankeys, Sleuth @ Paradise and not forgetting the MegaDog's made for a busy raving calendar lol.
You can see from some of Graham's posts that the after-party scene was buzzing too, I went to a couple of house-mashup's around Hulme and Chorlton.. great days. And not forgetting the plethora of record shops - they fed the dj's, who in turn fed the mad punters, and everyone was happy.

And that was only 5 years ago.. I can't believe all that stuff has died out, the following was too strong. Guess you just have to keep an ear to the ground eh mate ..

ps Is this thread off-topic??

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Post by markus »

On 2002-07-18 06:28, McBain wrote:
Is this thread off-topic??
Certainly is.

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