808 gig CANCELLED!!

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Post by SteveC »

SOOORRRRY guys only joking......im just miffed cos I'm not goin :smile:

Hope you all have a great time.....its gonna be HUGE!!

Is anybody taking a camcorder to record the performance, it could be a website best seller to rival Petes T Shirts.....thats if recording the gig isn't seen as GEEKY (know what I mean)

Gutted and out

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Post by Mark »


Everyone who is going to Castlefield have a great time. I will unfotunately be sunning myself on the beaches of Benidorm. Anway I suppose its not a bad consolation.

I'm sure 808 will rock and I can't wait to hear the reports.

Gutted like hell not to be going, cannot believe how events have conspired against me this year. Hopefully the Album tour will present me with a chance!!!


See you all back on Aug 11th.

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