Nice software!

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Nice software!

Post by Sargantana »

Hi all,

I came across an excellent (and free!) piece of software here;

It is a real-time generative composer and mixer, designed for live performance of midi information, and after only a couple of days messing around I can promise you that it is quite superb.

It will work on a standard soundcard with the expected limitations that such a device will offer, but I have it powering a Roland XV-2020 and hey presto! sounds like 808 all over the place! :)

Don't worry if you can't play a note as the generative engine takes care of everything, from the break-beats to the synth-lines, and all you need to do is just tweak the filters or chop up the beats and melodies in real-time.

The best fun I have had in ages!



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Post by TurboManc »

Can you mix mp3 tunes on this too? or just midi files?

Or can anyone else suggest an alternative...??

I've been trying a few different mixing progs, but haven't found the right one for me yet. I'm only an amature/beginner DJ, so don't want anything too complicated/difficult to learn. I just want to be able to make my own mix CD's and do live mixes for small parties, etc.

I quite like the basic layout of Traktor 2 (not 3), but I would like a few more effects/editting options and a better recording mode (preferably mp3, instead of wav). I've got an external soundcard (SB Audigy 2NX) for headphone monitoring.

Someone suggested getting a Hercules DJ Console. Anyone tried using one of these? any gen? or other suggestions...?

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Post by Rodders »

i've just started getting me head around ableton live 5 and can't rave about it enough, from a dj-ing point of view it's awesome. if all you want to do is beat mix between mp3's it might be a bit overkill but it will do the job and it's a piece of cake to use. it's also very easy to start doing more complex mixing and mash-ups. it's possible to use with just the mouse but for anything more than beat mixing, i'd def recommend a midi controller (i'm using a trigger finger, and getting either a UC33, remote zero SL, or bcr2000). the only downside i've come across is having to warp all my tracks manually (the auto warp function isn't entirely accurate), and unlike sasha i can't afford to employ staff to do it :D

i'd be interested to know of anyone's experiences with traktor.

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