Matt Thompson?

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Matt Thompson?

Post by TurboManc »

Whatever happened to Matt Thompson? Does he still DJ on Radio / in clubs?

I used to love listening to him (and of course the 808 State Boys before/afterwards) DJ'ing back in the day of Kiss 102. Especially the crossover bits, where the the 808 boys would just take the mic out of Matt all the time (lol). I've downloaded some of the mp3's in the music section to reminisce 8) , but i was just wondering what Matt was up to these days...
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Post by Choppers »

you're freaks! all of you!
yeah, I've been after some info on him too, I was gutted when they changed to Galaxy and axed his show, he put me on to sooooo much good stuff.
Ian C
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Post by Ian C »

I think he still DJ's in Clubs now and then.
Where are the MP3's?.

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Post by DaveLee »

Yeah Matt Thompson was quality. Loved his show. Used to go to his 'Prescription' night at 'The Phoenix' regularly. He played some really eclectic stuff in his sets and on the air! Yeah, Daz and Andy used to take the p*ss out of him on a Friday night as his show was about to start and their's was finishing. They used to call him 'Matt Johnson' and they'd take the p*ss out of his hair. He always looked a bit grungey and studenty I remember. Top guy though! Dunno where he went. I know he was recording some of his own electronica type stuff for Hospital records I think.
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Re: Matt Thompson?

Post by Taddywacker »

I used to dig Matt thompson too - really great shows and quite unique tunes at the time. Are there any of his shows on here? I have had a quick look but couldn't find anything?

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Re: Matt Thompson?

Post by Poshkid »

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