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Post by nickking »

mark_h_elektrasoul wrote:these guys always liven up the party!

They always remind me of the film, "Rita, Sue & Bob Too" :D

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interesting discussion, yeah i wondered why this started off in the 808 section, thanks to the spammer (gotta be a first!) :)

just off the top of me head:

the beloved - happiness, and 'its alright now' from blissed out
right said fred - up (i am kidding you not - one of the finest pure pop albums ever made)
the flaming lips - yoshimi battles the pink robots (if you can listen to 'do you realize' without crying tears of pure joy, you have no soul)
spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space (in a kind of cathartic way)
orbital - brown album
pet shop boys - very

bjork - all is full of love (the 'homogenic' version)
kylie - love at first sight
ulrich schnauss - on my own (the sasha remix from 'involver')
saint etienne - he's on the phone
santos - no ticket no run (from 'abrasive')
the prodigy - music reach, and your love
len - steal my sunshine
divine comedy - songs of love (yes i'm a big father ted fan)
moby - feeling so real, bring back my happiness, every time you touch me, we are all made of stars
mike doughty - madeline and nine
duran duran - rio
n-trance - set you free

and i'm with nick on the JAMS 'burn the bastards' - makes me smile every time too!

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im too sexy for my new daz advert! lol

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Post by Mark »

Have to say N-trance set you free is a real mood-lifter, I also like 'forever' although cheesy it goes down a treat.

I actually like a lot of uplifting trance, it really fires me up and can lift my mood by a few levels.

Best 808 uplifting moment : Has to be Long Orange, it just really sparks the shivers off!!!

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Topic moved to music forum

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nickking wrote:Toolshed - Urbaniak/I Rooster/Pazuzu
Biting Tongues - Compressor/Love Out/Evening State
Homelife - Wobbly Jack/Lowdell Is Missing/A Casa/Flying Wonders
808 State - Villains And Nerds/Timebomb/Magical Dream/Ancodia/Bond
Love the 808 related, used to have a cd in the car with a selection almost like this.

Really need to add Haddow's Gizz though!


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Post by mark_h_elektrasoul »

btw, grooveriders remix of pacific and monkey mafia remix of cubik (ey mate, ya got that choon that goes "eh - eh, uh - uh - uh") are the business!

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