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Global Humanoid

Post by N.JOHNSON »

Hi Everyone

Great news about Graham remixing Stakker Humanoid. Does anyone have Global Humanoid on CD. I im pretty sure it was released on CD but trying to get hold of a copy is nigh impossible. Ebay does have people selling the vinyl but i would prefer CD if at all possible. Anyone Know where i could get one or can anyone copy me one if they have it on CD?

I Think that I will just have to keep looking on ebay unless anyone knows of some special web site to access the buried treasure of ancient Acid House Choons.

Living in hope

Nick. :( :-?

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Post by markus »

Keep an eye on discogs. Only vinyl for sale at the moment though.

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Post by dee3 » ... 757981229/

And it can be yours for "only" $299 (+P&P)...! :wink:

P.S. And "Yes!", this is probably one of the most outrageously priced pre-owned CDs, I have ever come across!

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Post by newbuild »

i too have been trying to find this cd for some time...its either far too expensive, or someone with more money wins it at auction...i hate auctions-but i guess people with more money deserve everything more than me! teehee-just kidding!
i have the lp, but i would really like to have the cd (or a copy/mp3's)
i love this album.
cant wait to hear the john peel sessions!

same goes for the hot lemonade cd.
for this album there ARE mp3's for purchase online, but there are one or two tracks missing...reely burns my biscuits!!!

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