TIP: Cleaning up MP3s

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TIP: Cleaning up MP3s

Post by DJDMISE »

If yer like me, your probably amassing a collection of mp3s of various genres from
various sources such as the Internet, Library CDs, and (of course) bought CDs in
the hopes of someday replacing them with high quality versions. You know, better
to have a sound file than just a name...

You might notice that the sound from these sources is generally pretty mid-tone,
that is, is very (what some people call "muddy") then other's call it "warm", but
IMO, it's just plain muted.

Well, it's a fairly simple process to fix this problem, you just need a wav editor
and an EQ plug-in (i use Audi126).

But how to manage the EQ levels? Most people play with the EQ and really manage
to royally F-up the sound....

Well, I developed a theory that seems to make this audio processing a bit easier.
I call it Ratio EQing. Basically it's the same as regular EQing except you maintain
a "ratio" between frequency band volume levels.

I detail it in this post:
http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewtopic ... 28&t=62815

BTW, as an added bonus to you 808 State fans (and enemies), I've actually been
using something like (starting at 25 hz):
:-? 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 8)
Something about maintaining a ratio between frequency volume levels manages
to keep the volume levels of the final mixes consistant while reducing that mid-tone-
frequency "jack-up" and clearing up the the upper frequencies.

Also, I sometimes just use 0 for 25hz and 16000hz, prefering to use these
volumes for bass/treble boosting...

I used this on an mp3 copy of the Trashman's "Cosmotrash" which I first heard
a few years back after downloading an 808 Radio show hosted by the sometimes
brilliant Robert "Smith" Carlyle and it sounds much better.

You know, everyone plans to upgrade their collections in the future, but why not
have an mp3 that at least sounds closer to how it should?

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Re: TIP: Cleaning up MP3s

Post by SPW »

Back in the late 1990s or early 2000s I ran a Dave Clarke set streaming in Real Audio through an Aphex Aural Exiter and recorded it back into a Mac. It actually sounded pretty good in a lo-fi sort of way. The highs when he was working with effects would hurt your ears when cranked up loud and the low end had rumbling bass like you were part of an earhquake. It was fun to play while driving.

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