last nights documentary on channel 4

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Post by PeteB »

great to hear the real story of factory, hacienda, new order & happy mondays.

also hearing Voodoo Ray & Pacific whilst showing footage of hacienda!

only regret i didnt record it, sorry Markus

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Post by markus »

No problem, Nick taped it.

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Post by JD »

Fancy a copy of that if one is going. I was in bed after a weekend on the sauce. Gettin old.

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Post by nickking »

Yeah, no worries - Shaun Ryder looked seriously ill last night - over bloated, and right arm continually shaking, and barely managing to utter a coherent word)...

As they say on the New Order forum, "He looked sooooooo ill, i was rather comcerned he wouldnt make it till the end of the programme let alone his next birthday!"


Nick :wink:

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