EM History: Perrey and Kingsley

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EM History: Perrey and Kingsley

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As Perrey and Kingsley

The musical duo Perrey and Kingsley (Jean-Jacques Perrey, b. 1929[1] and Gershon Kingsley, b. 1922) are pioneers in the field of electronic music. Before their collaboration, starting in 1965, electronic music was considered to be purely avant-garde. They were among the first to create electronic music for the general public.

The In Sound From Way Out! (1966)
Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Electronic Pop Music From Way Out (1967)
Re-Release of 1967 LP: Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Spotlight on the Moog (1971)
Incredible Synthesizer (1975)

As Jean-Jacques Perrey

Jean-Jacques Perrey (born January 20,1929) is a French electronic music producer and was an early pioneer in the genre. He is best known within the sphere of popular music as a member of the influential electronic music duo Perrey and Kingsley, and for his unusually light-hearted style of music.

Prelude au Sommeil (1957) [France only]
Cadmus, Le Robot de l'Espace (1959) [France Only]
Mr. Ondioline (1960) [EP]
Musique Electronique Du Cosmos (1962)
The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey (1968)
The Happy Moog (1969)
Moog Indigo (1970)
Moog Sensations (1971)
Moog Expressions (1972)
Quadraphonic Demonstration Album - Program 2 (1972)
Moog Generation (1973)
Moog Mig Mag Moog (1974)
Moog Is Moog (1975)
Dynamoog (with Gilbert Sigrist) (1978)
Kartoonery (1980)
Good Moog - Astral Animations & Komputer Kartoons (1998)
Circus of Life (with Gilbert Sigrist) (1999)
Eclektronics (with David Chazam) (2000)
The Happy Electropop Music Machine (with Dana Countryman)(2006)
Moog Acid (with Luke Vibert) (2007)
Destination Space (with Dana Countryman)(2008)[/i]


The Happy Moog (1969) is my favorite. :)

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