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Post by markus »

What do you all think of this month's track, well I suppose it's two tracks? Well, at first the whole track sounds a bit like a medley doesn't it. I particularly like the second part.

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Post by Ian »

Excellent stuff. I liked the first part with the funky loop as well as the second track. I liked all the sounds used - more of this kind of thing!


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Post by Mark »

Quite like the new track(s) Particularly the second half.

Was there a cloud theme going on with 808?

Nimbus, Strata, Cirrus? These are all types of cloud I think, is next months track called Cumulus?

Anyway great stuff Markus, keep em comin'


Post by Souflex »

Like Cirrus a lot, also Gimme Shelter is the best I heard it, got a feel good atmosphere from the start to end!

We really are a privelged bunch of 808ers gettin all these tasty tunes, I mean what other band releases so much stuff in the same quality that 808state do it? Have a good look at that sounds page, it is VERY tasty and gettin tastier every month!



Post by Souflex »

One more thing

I would though really like to hear a live gig of 808 back in the Quadrastate era or 90 or even further back to Newbuild. The same style as Castlefield on the sounds page would do me just fine!


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Post by PatFromCanada »

That new posted track is Tops!

I love that round bass sound that comes in after the rythm guitar intro. The one with the Afrika Bambatta type beat.

Was that Bass-line used in Don Solaris? I love that sound. Totally 808state sh-101 bass.

And the Acetone drum sounds is funny.

Thanks Marcus/ 808! You should call the sounds section "State to State 3."



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