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Post by PeteB »

digging deep into my collection, playing SOURCE - ORGANISED NOISE album, superb stuff.
also dug out CJ Bolland's 4th sign album,
i'm now checking out other artists on r&s, does anyone recommend any of the following (as they have albums on r&s)? by the way i have all Aphex's stuff!

Jacobs Optical Stairway, Ken Ishii, Kenny Larkin, Speed Jack, Sun Electric, Tournesol?
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Post by nickking »

Sun Electric are good...

I mainly know them because the Orb remixed "O Locco"...

And Thomas Fehlmann is also a member of the new Orb lineup...

Oh, and Golden Girls (which was one of the members of Orbital) with their track 'Kinetic' (originally on R&S)... The track has been redone, and released tomorrow as Orbital - 'Frenetic' - very good...


Nick :wink:

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Post by Mark »

Model 500 (AKA Juan Atkins) have done some quality stuff on R&S, also Source released another album under the name 'Source Experience' called 'Different Journeys' I think in about 93.
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor »

While we're talking about R&S... without doubt the biggest, baddest and best cut was 'Energy Flash' by Joey Beltram. Nothing sounded like it at the time, and nothing does now. Still rocks played out today. The rest of the Joey Beltram EP (My Sound etc) is also f*cking A1.

Most sampled rave tune next to Pacific? Second Phase - 'Mentasm'. Also worth checking are Outlander 'Vamp' and Jam & Spoon's prototype trance (non cheese) 'Stella' - a beautiful track from 1992. DJ Hell - 'My Definition of House Music is another classic - haunting strings over chunky house loops. Golden Girls was also great.

Oh er, and Jaydee - 'Plastic Dreams', Tc 1992 - 'Funky Guitar', Jonny L - 'Hurt You So' (Hardcore proto-jungle), and Brainstorm - 'Strange Attractor' are all worth checking.

Can you guess i'm a bit of a fan?

Kenny Larkin /Juan Atkins = both good - Model 500's best track is 'Info World' (on Transmat not R&S) and pretty rare. 'The Chase' is also good. I've got a Ken Ishi album called 'Jellytones' - dont think its R&S though...havent got it to hand...quite good, (though slightly amateurish, i always thought)

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Post by Mark »

Yeah Jam & Spoon's 'Stella' is a Tranced-up beauty, shame they descended into eurorave.

I also have a couple of R&S 12"s I recently dug out and gave a spin. Ravesignal 3's (aka CJ Bolland) superb 'Horsepower' and Human Resource's 'Complete Dominator' with a top Frank De Wulf mix on it. Another one is Digital Excitation's self titled techno stomper. I remember in the early 90's that R&S were one of THE pioneering Techno labels.

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Post by markus »

Yes, I agree with all. Any R&S 12" from the early 90s is classic. Also try the R&S off-spin TZ series. Has anyone got TZ2? It features a ex:el medley on one side and Gerald on the other... wonderful days.
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