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oldskool 1990-92
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sunset radio

Post by oldskool 1990-92 »

does anyone know where or how to get copies of 808 state shows from sunset radio, from the early 90's?
Ive been searching the net for some time with no luck.
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Post by markus »

There's some stuff going on. I'm trying to build an archive of radio shows on this site. Some people are selling old radio show CDs on the net. If we can pull together, maybe we can get all the mixes.
Who is interested?
girl in an angelic state
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Post by girl in an angelic state »

my friend had loads of them.
i'll ask her to dig around and see what she can come up with
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Post by nickking »

I'm definitely interested in any of the radio shows - I managed to grab two shows about a month or so ago, and they were fantastic! 8)

So, any method of getting them all would be great - especially love it when Daz, Andy and MC Tunes start going mental about "Hardcore Uproar"! :P


Nick ;)
oldskool 1990-92
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808 state show

Post by oldskool 1990-92 »

Im obviously very interested within any of the 808 state shows from sunset radio. Hopefully we can work together to collect the various shows that are available.

I had forgotten all about the takes on hardcore uproar, thanks for the memories.

oldskool 1990-92
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Post by SteveC »

Ive got two shoeboxes full of them, the majority are from the KISS era though. One day I'll put some on CDR, when Im 88.
blue jammer
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Post by blue jammer »

I'm going to do a monthly rotation on them, so each month I'll delete the previous show, and upload a new one, due to shortage of webspace, I can't host them all at the same time, and fear the server would fall over if I did, as I think they will be popular downloads..

I have in total (so far)

5 x 808 state shows in 1990
4 x 808 state shows in 1991
1 x 808 state show in 1992
2 x 808 state shows in 1993

Each show is just the first 90 mins of their show which went out 9pm - 12midnight. and is 2 x mp3's per show (45 mins each)

Shame, as it's just the e-bloc top 10 countdown and other tunes, there's no 'problem bit' with andy, as that was ace..

I'm waiting on the next lot (think another 16 shows)
I won't be charging for them, as I think they should be shared for free.

So grab them while they are up, and in the future, I may take requests if you are missing one and re-upload it again.

Download the first one over at :: ::

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