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One not to buy is the updated version of 'Techno-the Rough Guide' by Tim Barr.

A guide is fair enough but when it is written by such an opinionated person then it misses the point entirely as surely music like food,fashion,sex-everyone has their own tastes right ?

I don't need someone telling me what is cool and what is not.

Tim Barr once wrote a book on Kraftwerk (from Dusseldorf with Love) which was basically his account of a Kraftwerk gig and info straight of the net all in one book, aswell as one long chapter that tells us how dance music was created and what is good and what is not!
He then launches into a tirade against the German Masters for not being Jeff Mills!

Barr dislikes all things 808-giving Gerald Simpson main credit for 'Pacific', slagging of Ex:El of 'Gorgeous' where he says that the album featured bland vocalists (Ian McCullogh??) off 'Don Solaris' where he has 1997 down as its release saying this was 808's nadir.

Anyway one book I recommend is the ALL Music Guide to Electronica which is not as voiceferous as Mr Barr.This book is so detailed on every artist and 808 too of course.Excellent source of knowledge on everyone.
All the 808 albums get good write ups and 'Don Solaris' is lavishly praised for its new expermental stance and 808 in general for being innovative and not trying to bring out their classic stuff rehashed in the disguise of new tunes.
Yet it only points the way to the reader and is not as ego ridden as Mr Barr.

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Re: Books

Post by VoyagerRadio »

David wrote:I don't need someone telling me what is cool and what is not.
You are wrong. You do need to be told, because taste is not subjective. Something is either great or it is not.

808 State is great. 8)

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Mr Barr sounds like a complete and utter wanker :x :x :x
I'm sure I thought this when I first read this post I'm just surprised I hadn't already wrote something. :-?

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