What's your fave trainer ?

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What's your fave trainer ?

Post by David »

For me its Adidas Samba.

The original by Mr Dazzler.
Black shoe with 3 white stripes as worn by Jessie Owens and the 1954 winning West Germany World Cup team.

I think the guy or Andy wears them in the 'Azura' video ?

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Post by Ancodia »

Gotta be Reebok Classics - V.soft leather & X.comfortable
John 8)

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Post by JD »

Nike - Lava Dome
Adidas - Forest Hills
Etnies - Saxxon
Nike - Air Max 95
Clarks - Desert Trek (not trainers but cool as f***)

f*** Emoticons

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Post by Mark »

Samba's are good for footy. Just got a pair of Adidas Tuscany, pretty cool trainers. Adidas LA also quality, I usually go for adidas, I reckon they are the most comfy / stylish.

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shoe express/fair trade

Post by Dr.Walsh »

bare feet are my favourite foot-wear. you can't beat it, and also it means no sweat-shop involved in the making of them! :)

however, there are occasions when you do need to put foot-wear on!

does anyone know anywhere where you can get trainers that are guaranteed not made in a sweat-shop/guaranteed fair trade?

i'm now a ten quid from shoe express man myself, and am looking for somewhere i can buy a pair of shoes that have had people treated alright making them.

can anyone point me there?

cheers in advance.

peace and positive vibes.

'dr.' walsh :)

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Post by SteveC »

I take it you're no longer a 'student' and have qualified, congrats :D

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Post by Dr.Walsh »

I'm not sure mate!

I got given the name Dr.Walsh on a radio show in Australia as I was meant to sort out the club casualties. :)

I changed it to student over here as I thought I would be starting again given the numbers of club casualties in Manchester! :)

I even went to a student graduation party in Preston where the Bez dj experience was on (didn't know it was a student party 'til I got there). :)

I suppose time shall tell if I'm fully qualified or not! :)

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