remember the song....

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remember the song....

Post by Souflex »

and so I'm back....from some f***ed up place

...ah just checked the 808 forum to see that JD's talkin like he's off his f***in face

ah should have slapped that stupid chink, ah shoud have gave him back his green tea

if ah'd a known for just one second JD would try to talk shit better than me...

go on now go!! :P :P :D

I at least am laughing hohohohohoho....


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Post by JD »

Your Ma's a man, she drives a transit van.

She looks like a goat, she gives deep throat.

Your Ma's a man.

Not soft mate. Just well rounded. Don't call me a fat c-u-n-t.

F-U-C-K Emoticons. Especially yours.

PS Hope the hills were steep.

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