Homelife - digital download single from Playlouder.com

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Homelife - digital download single from Playlouder.com

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From the Ninja Tunes website at http://www.ninjatune.com/home/ (where you can incidently also listen to "A Casa" streaming at the moment):

"No Place Like Home

We are going all digital on your ass and releasing the Homelife single exclusively as a 'digital download single'. 'A Casa' and 'Heaven Knows' will be available from the 16th August on playlouder.com bundled with the 'A Casa' video to put straight on your hard drive. Taken from the forthcoming album 'Guru Man Hubcap Lady' released on the 31st August, Homelife bring us stunning tunage blending classical training, folk, eastern melodies, latin rhythms and just about anything else you could think of into a suprisingly accessible pop whole. Find it here on the 16th August. "

Playlouder are at http://www.playlouder.com


Nick ;)
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I'm moving this to the Music forum. From now on Homelife info can be found on the Toolshedsite. I figure it fits best there.
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