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Post by hargy »

Markus or anyone else for that matter.

Does anyone know if Outpost Transmission is to be released on DJ friendly vinyl format?

As an up and coming DJ (dream on sunshine) it would be good to have it to play on the wheels of steel

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Post by graham »

Cant say as yet ,But probably not

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Post by hargy »

Thats a real disappointment - I have strived to collect as much on vinyl as possible - I really hate those vari-speed CD things - that sounds really old fashioned - but to my mind CD is the inferior product despite the claims of many that the sound is better - I have heard more CDs skipping and stuck, than records that are scratched.

I thought with Daz and and Andy being DJs that 808 would have released it in their format of choice (I dont think I ve seen them with CD mixers - I could be wrong)

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Post by McBain »

Hear hear.

I love my LP Ex:El .. very DJ friendly and also you get a nice big 12" sleeve to go with the others.
However, slicing tracks off the vinyl version that make it onto the CD a la Olympic and Stormin' Norman .. not nice.

Lets have another Disco Disc!! :grin: :grin:


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