The Mondays are.....

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The Mondays are.....

Post by SteveC »

Performing live at the Gmex on the 14th December. In the year of artists reuniting (Massey/Gerald) wouldn't it be fitting to bring together the artists of that infamous rave and have 808 supporting. In the year which saw the passing of Tony Wilson, what a great tribute this would be.

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Post by jon »

Yeah couldn't agree more. Went to to the happy mondays madchester rave on gig at the g-mex in 1990. Was brilliant.

Def going to this as unfortunatly im one of those sad people stuck in 89-90. Would be brilliant if they could have 808 state and MC Buzz B on along with oaky djing as they did them 2 nites.

Ian Brown on the week before to.

I def think that there should be a concert for Tony Wilson. similar to what they did for martin hannett, the cities in the park festival. New order, the mondays etc. I know new order just split but sure they would be back for that.

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Post by PeteZarustica »

I can't stop listening to their new album... even though shaun's voice is kaput, the record is sooooooooo good :)

How could you loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose!?!?!?

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