TRACKLISTING - 1993-xx-xx (ft. Doctor D)

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TRACKLISTING - 1993-xx-xx (ft. Doctor D)

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Thanks to a generous subscriber (Steve), there are some fresh 808 shows waiting in the wings.
As yet unlisted/unreleased, I've added it to the back of the queue for future release on the channel. You can hear it here first. Enjoy!

[00:00] Brothers Love Dubs - Ming's Incredible Disco Machine (The Playboys Fully Loaded Mix)
[06:30] Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix)
[11:49] Gwen Guthrie - Aint Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (E-Lustrious Remix)
[15:41] Frankie Bones - Dreams On Plastic
[20:32] Hawke - 3 Nudes Having Sax on Acid (Scott Hardkiss Mix)
[26:43] Frankie Bones - Sensi
[28:55] The Stretch Boys - If You Believe It (South Mix)
[34:09] African Juice - Love Me (The Mix)
[39:17] The Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
[41:58] Wildchild - Jump to My Beat
[45:57] Rollin' Gear - Backbone Slide
[50:40] X-Press 2 - London X-Press (The Journey Continues)
[55:21] State Of Grace - Not Over Yet
[1:00:50] Mother - All Funked Up (Mothers Pride Mix)
[1:03:53] The Stone Roses - Fools Gold (briefly)

Big thanks to Steve!

Thanks to Brady for the missing IDs!
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