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Magical Dream
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Just incase America has not been slagged enough here:

- I don't believe the UK/USA attack on Iraq was born out of overwhelming compassion for the Iraqi people. I don't believe that.

- America has awoken to the conciousness of terrorism since 9/11, however has bankrolled the 'romantic' Irish terrorism for years (and continues to do so!)

However that said, some good has been achieved by removing evil Sadaam. But a dangerous premise has been set...world powers can do as they please.

I don't blame the American people collectively for the actions of their government as there is little they can do as individuals.

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Post by Supraset »

To give hope to a possible prosperous Iraq was probably the best case for a war on Iraq(Saddam's Regime). I agree there were many different reasons for the war and obviosusly as with any war come consequences and people trying to profit off of it (not just Americans). I'm sure Bush had a personal vendetta against Saddam for his fathers past conflict with Saddam. I really don't think any company Cheney is involved with should get contracts to rebuild Iraq.

Politics and economics is not an exact science and I don't feel that I could do a better job than the powers I help to elect by voting. They spend a good part of their lives in school and think they can make a difference. I'm sure some are corrupt people and have their own personal agendas just as in any other field. Ppl don't hold politicians in very high regards. Probably up there with lawyers and used car sales men. It's a very complicated web and is highly scrutinized. I mean for cripes sakes I have problems trying to explain to some 808ers that America's govt is not some kind of corrupt dominating empire trying to control the world heheh. So I can imagine how the politicians and economists must feel. It's trial and error most times. [/code]

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Post by David »

Trial and error and the expense of lives in far off poor lands!
It seems the Vietnam fall out has been forgotten.

What this war was all about was modern imperialism.Rich white man invading poor people and taking their resources.The US is just the latest to do it.mainly because it can with the huge weaponry-cheered on by CNN and Fox.Most Americans simply do not know.

I think the problem is that the ordinary Americans have never felt the extreme affects of war on their own backyard.
Everything bar the two most publicised Pearl Harbor and 911-happen "over there".

Now that is definately the my last post on the topic-the FBI probably have a file on me now eh ? :P

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Post by Supraset »

Paranoia too!! Yeah David I've turned you in myself... and we have no "justice" system in the US so the police just take matters into their own hands. :)

During the war I listened to local, national, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, BBC, and egad even Al Jazeera. I also read the news from all over. It was interesting how contradictory they ALL were. Baghdad Bob (the Iraq information minister) was the most interesting. I hear he is planning to write a book.

But since you love to focus on the negative I can give you one the Americans were responsible for. I think this made me the most sick out of all of the war hapennings.

It was shortly after a few suicide bombings... people driving up in cars and blowing themselves up. Well anyway the Americans mowed down an innocent family in a van trying to escape. I can't remember exact figures but about 10 people were killed I think. War is awful.

Michael Moore is to politics as John Stewart is to news. I think it's kind of racist to say America is run by stupid white men. And what is Colin Powell? Had he nothing to do with the war? Plus Hillary Clinton is a senator she's a stupid white woman. No I'm just kidding she has been surprising me. There are many challenges to getting into politics... meet the challenges... become the all powerful politician.

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War 'n' shit

Post by Franco »

Wow this is probably the longest topic ever! It has takes me about 2 days to read!

I think that George Bush is a "balloon". You know, daft.

However, I think that the Rumsfeld guy is truly dangerous. He is smug and horrible. He almost seems to revel in the fact that he was involved in the war, that he is directing this huge machine (the US armed forces) and putting the lives of loads of young American soldiers at risk. (From the comfort of his big office).

And what you see at the press conference? Rumsfeld, smiling and joking away as if everything is fine. "Look at me, big powerful man. I can blow up innocent Iraqi kids!". Oblivious to the innocent people (of many different nations, colours and creeds) who have been killed because the US wants even more control of the world.

He's just a really bad person, isn't he?


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Post by SteveC »

Don't worry everyone, within 5 years Arnie will be in the hot seat and will terminate those scum bags who represent the American War Machine.


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Post by Dr.Walsh »

it fully creased me up the name of the movie 'rise of the machines' as in melbourne nice women are known as machines in some circles.

so, was this a subliminal message, and has a hidden meaning that more intelligent, nice women are going to obtain positions of power and rise up from a generally male dominated society bringing with it a fresh, vibrant energy!

i think so... :)

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