calling anybody who used to visit the hacienda!

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calling anybody who used to visit the hacienda!

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My name is Gareth Wood and I am currently studying Interactive Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University.

At the moment I am working on a project which will hopefully explore the after effects of the now legendary Hacienda club.

I intend to create a photograhic installation which will show where people who used to frequent the club are now. I also want to ask these people 3 simple questions based on their experiences at the club.

I was wondering whether it would be at all possible to take a few portraits of yourself and record the answers to the questions for use in the installation. I was hoping to capture you either at work or with your family to show where you are at in your life.

Would this be at all possible?

Thank you for your time
Gareth Wood

email me at

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Post by nickking »

Hi Gareth,

You might want to try posting this on both and

From a personal point of view, I never actually got to visit the Hac, but I'm sure that quite a few people who visit this site did?

Cheers, Nick :)

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