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Post by dee3 »

This set has been veiled in secrecy for quite sometime (since April, actually),
but I can now proudly announce that a mix-set which I made for the (IMO)
excellent net-label Wildtek (operated by Dimitri Pike) has now been put

This set - called "WildSat 01" - will only be available from the Wildtek-website,
so go:

...for more information and the DL-link

BTW, here's the tracklist for you, so you can have an idea 'bout what to expect,
what's on it:

Mitch Walcott/Dimitri Pike: Re-Treatment 02
Dimitri Pike: MIR Space Complex
Dimitri Pike: A New World Appears
Dimitri Pike: Asteroid
Gareth Duprey: Untitled Audio #2 (Dimitri Pike Remix)
Gareth Duprey: Urban Nights
Gareth Duprey: Deep in the Tomb (Dimitri Pike Remix)
Dimitri Pike: Carnival "Live Dub"
Dimitri Pike: My Life In The Jungle R
Dimitri Pike: My Life In The Jungle
Dimitri Pike: Carnival
Dimitri Pike: Nightlife R
Dimitri Pike: My Life in The City R
Mitch Walcott/Dimitri Pike: Re-Treatment 01
Dimitri Pike: Call 313
Dimitri Pike: Analog Trance
Dimitri Pike: Bloggy Blues
Garteh Duprey: The Tempest
Dimitri Pike: Things
Dimitri Pike: Increase
Mitch Walcott: The Void Between Saturn and Titan

Thanks for reading this!
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Post by dee3 »

This time, everyone's favorite techno mut - The Black Dog - pay tribute to Detroit with an Underground Resistance mix at Resident Advisor...!

01. Underground Resistance - Antimatter - Underground Resistance
02. Voice Of Electrifying Mojo
03. Underground Resistance - Afrogermanic - Underground Resistance
04. Underground Resistance - Mirage - Underground Resistance
05. Underground Resistance - Windchime - Underground Resistance
06. Underground Resistance - Talkin2Z - Underground Resistance
07. Underground Resistance - Final Frontier - Underground Resistance
08. Underground Resistance - In Or Out - Underground Resistance
09. Underground Resistance - Maroon - Underground Resistance
10. Underground Resistance - Death of My Neighbor - Underground Resistance
11. Underground Resistance - Baghdad Express - Underground Resistance
12. Underground Resistance - Inversions - Underground Resistance
13. Underground Resistance - Technology Gap - Underground Resistance
14. Underground Resistance - Antimatter - Underground Resistance
15. Underground Resistance - I Am UR - Underground Resistance
16. Underground Resistance - Tazumal - Underground Resistance
17. Underground Resistance - Hunting the Program - Underground Resistance
18. Underground Resistance - Toxic Broadcast - Underground Resistance
19. Underground Resistance - Detonate - Underground Resistance
20. Underground Resistance - Orbit (Black Dog edit) - Underground Resistance
21. Underground Resistance - Riot - Underground Resistance
22. Underground Resistance - Base Camp Alpha 808 - Underground Resistance
23. Underground Resistance - Entering Quadrant 5 - Underground Resistance
24. Underground Resistance - Adrenalin - Underground Resistance
25. Underground Resistance - Gamma Ray - Underground Resistance
26. Underground Resistance - Ambush - Underground Resistance
27. Underground Resistance - Sea Quake - Underground Resistance
28. Underground Resistance - Kill My Radio Station - Underground Resistance

Get this ACE set from: ... spx?id=123

...before it gets "archived"! 8)

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Post by markus »

Totally nice one!!! Did I already mention that Mike Banks chatted with my mate and me for more than two hours at the Todaysart festival in The Hague last weekend? UR forever!
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Post by dee3 »

While waiting for the next CaN-set (planned release: January '09),
the CaN-collective wish all of you group-members a merry X-mas and a happy new year
by announcing that the current eight sets in the series are now available in the WAVE-format...!

Directly off from the masters, here's the DL-links:
CaN v1.0 ->
CaN v2.0 ->
CaN v3.0 ->
CaN v4.0[R] ->
CaN v5.0 ->
CaN v6.0 ->
CaN v7.0 ->
CaN v8.0 ->

Once again, merry X-Mas and a happy New Year to all of you...!
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Post by dee3 »

CaN v9.0 - exclusive preview on Teknology this Saturday...!

That's right - you've read correctly:
Compiling a Network v9.0 [RE-COMPILED] is now in the box!

And I'll post DL-details here first, when the set goes online at some point!

But for those of you that can't wait to hear it, when it gets released,
then check out Dimitri Pike's Teknology-show on:

...this coming Saturday at 20:00 hrs (8 P.M) CET, where a preview of the set will get an exclusive first-airing!

Thanks goes to Dimitri for letting me hijack a segment of his show this coming Saturday!

And I like to remind you all that his show in quality EVERY Saturday, so remember to tune in...!

Thanks for reading this...!


P.S. To the admins: if this isn't the appropriate place to post this, then please move it then (and sorry 'bout the hassle...!)
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Post by dee3 »

('hope this won't crash the site...) :wink:
The ninth and latest installment of the "Compiling a Network"-series is now online...!

You can now DL the set by following this link:

...and have your pick, if you'd like to DL the set as a WAVE-, FLAC-, Ogg-(?!) or LAME-encoded mp3-file...!

CaN v9.0[R] are now also available as torrents at: ... +a+Network

Here's what you can expect to hear - Tracklist:

1. Christian Bloch: Controlled Experiment (Experiment Controlled) / Funque Droppings
2. Gurtz: Luna / Stadtgruen
3. Leif: Long Way Round / Thinner
4. The Parallel: Compiled Network / Static Recordings
5. Mush: TEST 72 (Orlando Voorn remix) / Night Vision Records
6. Frank Biedermann: Rumble the Bumblebee / Stadtgruen
7. Aaron Carl: The Struggle (The Plan Remix) / Wallshaker Music
8. ShhhK: The Only Process / (unreleased)
9. Mick Chillage: Project Echo / this-side music netlabel
10. Skyscraeper: Nasty Machine / Filtered Visions
11. Shamus Coghlan: 5000 Miles / 807 Recordings
12. Igneous: Unite the Tribes / (Unreleased)
13. Julian Eustace: Lift (Kalif Remix) / Static Recordings
14. Dirty McKenzie: Pull the Trigger / Bass-United Recordings
15. Shamus Coghlan: 180 Grams / 807 Recordings (Promo)
16. AEOD: Juice / Wildub
17. Vergel Evans: Outta Control (Dorff & Voorhies Filthy Mix) / Humanjava Enterprises
18. Rob Keens: Seek / Stadtgruen

Thanks go to all of the contributing artists, labels and the series' supporters (and especially this forum's users...!)!
Without your understanding, goodwill and support, all of this wouldn't have happened! You all know who you are...!

The mix itself is (STILL) licensed under the Creative Commons License 3.0 (by-nc-nd).
All tracks used with permission by the contributing artists and/or labels...

Feedback always appreciated - Enjoy...!


P.S. You can keep tabs on the CaN-series at the following links:

("Shameless-plug"-mode: OFF) 8)
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Post by Pob »

A nice mix from a local DJ. Top stuff.

Track list:

twin home-(original mix)plaid
carmen electro-erotek
the heat-the prodigy
full throttle-the prodigy
injected with the poison-(bady doc remix)-praga khan
base-axis-axis-b2-phylyps trak
no good-the prodigy
truck builder original-hanobi
everybodys free-2008 bounce mix
blow ya mind-(clive king remix)lock n load
my red hot car-squarepusher
time to burn-storm
crying in your face-AFX
push up-beatbouncerz
the narcotic suite-the prodigy
i feel love-(p h a t t remix)CRW
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Post by dee3 »

Obviously, my favorite forum gets the first-drop on the following!
"Compiling a Network v10.0" is soon officially to be released -
but to hopefully perc up your respective weekends already, here you go:


And here's what to expect on the 10th-installment of this series - Tracklist:
Mark Archer: Riser / Mutate
Trace: Try to Die / thinner
Seb Stiemel: Mission Seltsam / Tropic
Miguel Colmenares: Pajaro Tempranero / Tropic
Sans Soleil: Air-Sol / 6ONE6
Dimitri Pike: Techno Technique 01 / Wildtek
The Parallel: Optimized (J. Eustace Remix) / eXhibit B
T-Polar: Schnarf (J. Eustace Remix) / Nice & Nasty
T-Polar: Womenimal (J. Eustace Remix) / Nice & Nasty
Aaron Costelloe: Renounce Enthusiasm / Static Recordings
Catalespia: Jarmenil (J. Eustace Remix) / Nice & Nasty
Julian Eustance: Detached (Fran Hartnet Remix) / Static Recordings
Sergio MF Valente: I96 (DPM Remix) / 6ONE6
Warehouse Trax: A7 / Warehouse Trax
Rob Glennon: Ambush (Fran Hartnet’s Stealth Manoeuvre) / Static Recordings
Rennie Foster: Roughshod (Paul Mac Remix) / Rebirth Rec.
D-Jack: Chaostheracid / Quadrant Recordings
D-Jack: Das Flexhand / Quadrant Recordings
Dimitri Pike: Electrism (Studio version) / Wildtek Virtual Preview
e383: Radion 1 / If?

As always, the "Creative Commons 3.0 (BY-NC-ND)"-license applies...


The "Compiling a Network"-feed is now also available for your iPhone!
Here's the abbreviated link: (lands you at

Thanks for reading this, doodz - 'later,

P.S. Feedback always appreciated - T.I.A.!
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Post by The Minnin Trapper »

Right troops finally got round to converting my old mixtapes from back when I used to dabble a bit. Sept 1992. 8 more or so to follow.

When music was music. Might come oot retirement :D

Side A:
1. Maurice Joshua Feat. Chantay Savage – I Gotta Hold On U (Steve’s Silky Scat Dub)
2. Ten City – My Piece Of Heaven
3. Nu Colors – Locos Run (Well Hung Parliament Remix)
4. Nush – Nush (Original Mix)
5. ?
6. East 17 – House Of Love (Wet Nose Dub)
7. Havanna – Schtoom (Kuba Mix)
8. Fargetta – Music Is Movin (Bamm Bamm Tribal Mix)
9. ?
10. THK – France (Mars Mix)
11. Transformer 2 – Fruit Of Love (Techno Vocal Mix)

Side B:
1. The Odd Company – Swing In Trance
2. Megatonk – Belgium
3. Inner City – Pennies From Heaven (Kevin’s Tunnel Mix)
4. Hysteria – Energy Express (Summer Remix)
5. Datura – Yerba Del Diablo (Achico)
6. Slackjaw – Drive My Body (Maserati Mix)
7. Datura – Yerba Del Diablo (Yaqui)
8. Mombassa – Cry Freedom (Malawi Mix)
9. Eagles Prey – Tonto’s Drum (Original Mix)
10. Lionrock – Lionrock (Most Excellent Mix)
11. Bandulu - Guidance

Oh aye help appreciated with filling in 2 blanks ? Doubt it though as they were pretty obscure.
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Post by dee3 »

Recently, I've made a more housier mix set than usual to my kid-sister Melissa, called:
"A Definition of House (4 Melissa)" - consisting of tracks by:

Dorff & Voorhies: Undertow (Original 4-Carina Mix) / Dorff & Voorhies
Metaflux: Transparent / Tropic
Martin Donath: Foresight / Stadtgruen
Sunner Soul: Lama Loo / Stadtgruen
Georg Neufeld (feat. Astral T): Lakeside People / Stadtgruen
Laura Palmer: Borderline / Thinner
Aaron Carl: Tears (Extended Mix) / Electrevival
Aaron Carl: the Struggle (The Plan Remix) / Electrevival
Brian Kage: Eight Ways / Thinner
Royal Underground: Rejazzed / Glam Slam
Rob Keens: The Park / Stadtgruen

As a first (and sort of as an experiment), I've decided to make this set available as a 24bit/96kHz FLAC-file,
"tapped" directly from the "desk"; and you can now DL this uncompressed, high-audio grade set from here: ... 96/4M.flac

Courtesy of, a WAVE-version of the set (still 24bit/96kHz, mind) is now available and up for grabs from here: (NOTE: 1.9 GB)

The zip-file contains the aforementioned WAVE-file and a PDF-file with the tracklist.

Well knowing that there are already a bunch of 24bit/96kHz audio out there on the 'net, this is
probably one of the first mix sets out there (if not t-h-e first) made available online in these formats.

In any event: enjoy - and let's hope that we'll see more sets and audio-files out there in this format, in general!

Thanks for reading this...!


P.S. A more common mp3-version of the set can still be DL'ed from here: ... 3/download
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Post by The Minnin Trapper »

Another 2 from me troops. Again any help with the blanks ? appreciated ... nie-nov-92

Nov 92
Side A:
1. Marshall Hain – Dancing In The City (Steve Proctor Self Indulgent Trumpet Mix)
2.280 West – Scattered Dreams( Boom Chocka-Boom Mix)
3.George Kranz – Din Daa Daa
4.Jump - Funkatarium
5.TC1992 – Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix)
6.Joe Roberts – Love Is Energy (D.O.P. Dub)
7.Sono Lakota – Ice & Acid
8.Diesel & Ether – So Good (Forgotten Mix)]
9.Mr. Peach – Get Up
10.Spooky – Land Of Oz (Poppyfield Mix)

Side B:
1.Golden Girls – Kinetic (Frank De Wulf Mix)
3.General Base – Back Again
4.Mato Grosso – Jungle (Imaginary Version)
5.Decadance – Jump To It
7.Little Rascal – Movin To The Beat
8.Vicki Shepard – Disco Inferno (Vocal Remix)
9.JACO – Show Some Love (Original Dub Remix)
10.Da Silo – Basefunk (Effective Mix)
11.The Floor Federation – Music For The Masses Part II (Ranch Dub Remix) ... april-1993

April 93
Side A:
1. Paul McCartney – Deliverance (Steve Anderson Mix)
2. Inner City – Till We Meet Again (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
3. Lovestation – Shine On Me (Tunnel Mix)
4. Paul McCartney – Deliverance (Steve Anderson Dub)
5. Sublime – Trans-American (LA Mix)
6. Triad – Tsunami
7. Talizman – Only You (? Mix)
8. Freeality – Freeality (Whirly Mix)
9. ?
10. Seventh Heaven – In The Mountains (The Out Of Work matador Mix)
11. The Producer – Arabic (? Mix)

Side B:[/font]
1. Inner City – Good Life (CJs Living Good Club Mix)
2. Inner City – Good Life (Unity Grand Union Remix)
3. Voyager – Underworld Theme
4. System 7 – 7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy Mix)
5. Blood Runs Dry – All Of Your Mind
6. Hardfloor – Trancescript
7. Soul Odyssey – Rapture (Original Mix)
8. Hocus Pocus – Hocus Pocus (Magical Trance Mix)
9. Tambourines – Hello Daddy
10. Capella – U Got To Know (A La Carte Paris Mix)
11. Rhythm Section – Future
12. Ground Level – Dreams Of Heaven (Toy Box Instrumental)
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Post by dee3 »

The latest label mix set that I've made, here with tracks from the awesome 6ONE6-label, is now online...!

01. Detroit People Mover: No Change Same Samey
02. Detroit People Mover: Structure
03. Detroit People Mover: Sik
04. PNM: Blither
05. Detroit People Mover: Lapse
06. Phrek: Missing Things
07. M .Rahn: Rude Stryx
08. Miah: Navigator (DPM Remix)
09. Mike Dehnert: Raumzeit
10. Myles Sergé: I96 (DPM Remix)
11. Sans Soleil: Air-Sol
12. M .Rahn: Retrogram 01
13. M .Rahn: Stryx 08
14. M. Rahn: Confused Mass
15. Detroit People Mover: Model One (Extended Mix)
16. Miah: Command
17. Mike Dehnert: Voices
18. Sergio MF Valente vs. Eighty Eight: Could you...

For additional info and to download the set, go:

The set is now available as lossless-formats, too:

Download: WAVE-format

Download: FLAC-format

Otherwise check out the "dee3 - datamixes"-feed:

For more info regarding the 6ONE6-label, visit their website at:

Shout-outs, respect and eternal thanks goes to Phrek and the 6ONE6-artists for their support...!!!

As always, the mix itself is licensed under the Creative Commons License 3.0 (by-nc-nd); all tracks used with 6ONE6's permission...
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Post by Cliffy Bora »

This is the third edition of my radio show 'Digital Journeys'. Hope you enjoy it.

Click >>here<< to download.

Track listing:

01 Orbital - Halcyon (Tom Middleton Re-Model) [Rhino]

02 Craig Gallon - La Terrace [Artist CDR]

03 Sanya Shelest - The Play [E Musica]
04 Jeff Andvik - Morning Blend [E Musica]
05 Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run (Original Vocal Mix) [Aropa Records]
06 Xtigma - Redemption [Neuroscience Recordings]
07 M Waering - Frequency 7 (Vullcan Remix) [Neuroscience Deep]

08 Sulaco - Realm Of Infinity [Digitized Recordings]
09 Sulaco - Expectations [Crystal Cloud Recordings]
10 Sulaco - Minds Eye [Crystal Cloud Recordings]

11 Carl B & Static Blue - Sunstruck (Firestorm pres. Coll & Tolland Remix) [Alter Ego]
12 Estigma - Blue Rain (Manuel Le Saux Remix) [Neuroscience Recordings]
13 Sean Truby pres. S Klass - Night Vision [E Musica]
14 Mike Nichol - Morning Kiss (Activa Remix) [Infrasonic Gold]
15 Reverse - Distant Destiny (Original Mix) [Vandit Records]
16 John O'Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar - Every Lesson Learned (Original Mix) [Armada]
17 FKN - Unreal To Me (Activa Instrumental Mix) [Deep Blue Records]
18 Sean Truby pres. S Klass - Never Mind [E Musica]
19 Indecent Noise pres. Noise Tek - The Doomgaze Dog (Original Mix) [Excessive Pressure]
20 John Askew vs. The Prodigy - Omendalism (Indecent Noise Mashup) [Artist CDR]
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Digital Journeys 004 with guest Sulaco

Post by Cliffy Bora »

This is the forth edition of my radioshow on Sense FM 'Digital Journeys'. The show included an hour guestmix from Sulaco. Hope you enjoy the mixes.

Hour 1 - Cliffy Burrows

Click >>here<< to download.

01 Solarstone feat. Elizabeth Fields - Part Of Me (Thrillseekers Dub) [Solaris Recordings]
02 Stone & Young - Frozen Shores (Temple One Remix) [Neuroscience]
03 Sophie Sugar feat. Rebecca Emely - Beside You (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing]
04 Sulaco - Minds Eye [Crystal Cloud Recordings]
05 DJ Eco - Questionmark (Sebastian Brandt Remix) [Tone Diary]
06 Claudia Cazacu feat. Audrey Gallagher - Freefalling (Original Mix) [Armind]
07 Craig Gallon - 1186 (Ben Gold Remix) [Prehab Recordings]
08 Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find (Indecent Noise Bootleg Mix) [Artist CDR]
09 Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson - For The Most Part (Original Mix) [Reset Records]
10 Paul Webster - The Wolf [Captivating Sounds]

Hour 2 - Sulaco

Click >>here<< to download.

01 Sascha Milde - Alaska (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) [Shah Music Digital]
02 Sulaco - Realm Of Infinity [Digitized Recordings]
03 David And Carr - Lost In London (Haris C Remix) [Alter Ego]
04 TrancEye - Melodramatic (Sulaco Remix) [Crystal Clouds Recordings]
05 4 Strings - Take Me Away (TrancEye Epic Remix) [Artist CDR]
06 Lost Witness vs Sassot - Whatever (Aly & Fila Remix) [A State Of Trance]
07 Graeme Harrison - Xanthe (Original Mix) [Flux Delux Records]
08 Sulaco - Fragments [Digitized Recordings]

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Post by dee3 »

The "Compiling a Network"-series has now been upgraded!
In other words, all mp3-versions of the sets are now com-
pressed at 320kbps and available in this compression rate
as the series' standard!

Update your RSS- or podcast-subscriptions - or if you're
new to the series, just DL from one of the two links above!

Furthermore, torrents of the "Compiling a Network"-sets are
now back online (320kbps mp3-versions) - go: ... work&cat=0

...if you'd rather use torrents to DL the sets!

FYI, WAVE- and FLAC-versions will soon be online as torrents, too!

Thanks for reading this...

P.S. Further seeding of the torrents would be greatly appreciated - T.I.A.! :D
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