Big Pun - Still Not A Player DVD

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Big Pun - Still Not A Player DVD

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Big Pun - Still Not A Player DVD
Whilst this is a very interesting story regarding the rise of Christopher Rios (Big Punisher) who went Platinum at 26 to his death aged 28.
Unfortunately this DVD is badly made, and whilst featuring live appearances, has been shot on camcorders with no thought to the sound which is awful. It also lacks any video content, in particular appearances with J Lo and Ricky Martin. I feel this has been a cash in on live footage they have found, with a couple of hours of interviews for good measure.
As a big fan of Big Pun, I'm sorry to say the DVD is being returned ASAP, hopefully this won't sour my impression of Big Pun.

Those of you unfamiliar with Big Pun, Fat Joe and Terror Squad should check out the albums 'Capital Punishment', 'Yeah Baby' and in particular the track 'Still Not A Player' which samples 'Joe - Don't Wanna Be A Player'.

For further details visit:

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