Andy Barker memorial page

808 State member Andrew Barker sadly passed away on 6 November 2021 at the age of only 53. Here are the statements and some links to the many tributes received.

7 November 2021
It's with a heavy heart to deliver the tragic news of the passing of Andy Barker - here is a statement from his immediate family:

"After a happy life Andrew Barker experienced a short period of illness and passed away in his hometown of Manchester yesterday, Saturday 6th November 2021. His family and friends asks that people respect their privacy at this time but remember him for the joy he brought through his personality and music. You'll be sadly missed"

Andy Barker

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10 December 2021
"Andy was laid to rest yesterday, attended by loving family and friends in a beautiful service in Manchester.. If you would like to give a tribute his daughter has set up a link to a charity that is important to the family." Tribute / Donate.

Andy Barker r.i.p.

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Rest in peace, dear Andy.