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29:12:2000 We Three King
listen now
Don King Singh presents
We Three King
The Wisdom Of The Magi
(and its application in the 21st century)

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to festive-free music again, a belated message from Massey & Co reach us from the holy land. Enjoy 37 minutes and 57 seconds of exclusive madness by clicking on the image to the left or download (Zip File 36 MB).
Not much 808 news to talk about. Andrew should becoming a father again any day now. Graham put out a promo Toolshed 7" a while back - more info on that to follow in the new year. Merry Christmas!
The Stone Roses - The Remixes
The Stone Roses Remix album including Made of Stone 808 State mix was released on 30 October.
808 State have remixed Made of Stone by the Stone Roses. It will appear on a Stone Roses remix album which is to be released as soon as 30 October! Title: The Stone Roses - The Remixes. Formats: CD & Double Vinyl.
Tribal Futures

The Tribal Futures charity CD featuring an exclusive Graham Massey track is out on 23 October. It can now be ordered directly from the Survival site at GBP 13.99 (around USD 20.00) including postage to anywhere in the world. Order now - it features other top acts and it's for a good cause.

Looking at the dance music resource pages it seems 'Narcossa' has surfaced on a compilation by King Britt called Inspirations Volume 1. Presumably not a remix, similar to 'Techno Bell' on the Blueprint compilation mentioned last month.

The server space problem to host the Sounds page has been solved. Sounds section to be updated asap. Thanks to those who wrote in offering their services.

23:09:2000 / updated 19:10:2000

A compilation featuring 808's 'Techno Bell' is out now. It's entitled 'Blueprint' and was compiled by Jacques Lu Cont of Les Rythmes Digitales. 3xLP and 2xCD on Beechwood. It's unclear at the time of writing whether this is a regular compilation or a remix album. If you know, please post it to the Techno Bell thread on the Message Board. Cleared up by Nick King on the board, thanks.

Apparently Andy & Darren are DJing tonight between 10 and 12 somewhere in Manchester and there is rumour of radio transmission as part of the In The City Music Convention. I've been finding it increasingly difficult to get hold of the 808 DJ dates, so until I receive any, the Live page will be looking rather empty. Graham is playing the big Toolshed event tomorrow night, again various sites are claiming Internet radio transmission, but so far I am yet to find any links. Must be that Manc thing.


As regular visitors will have noticed, we had some problems with the sounds page. All the MP3 files have now been placed on a temporary server. Some of the radio shows are still missing. When we've retrieved them again (backups anyone?), we'll be moving everything to a more stable place. To compensate, we've uploaded a few new short MP3 samples. See the temporary sounds page.

*** 808 ***
We have been getting many requests for t-shirts over the past. Until 808state decide to produce official t-shirts again, you can order replica shirts through this link.

*** 808 ***

Graham is busy preparing the big Toolshed event to be held 24 September at the In The City music convention. More news on this to follow.

29:08:2000 Transambient DVD competition results

Four correct answers (the magic number was 40) have reached us, which means the competition is now closed. The winners of the fab Transambient DVD are (in order as we received them):

Urmas Prints from Estonia
Adrian 'Ruddy' Rudd from England
Matt 'Rodders' Rhodes from England
Marcel Foster from England

Congratulations! Your names have been forwarded to Addictive TV who will have their distributor send out your prize in due time.

24:08:2000 Transambient DVD competition
Those incredibly nice people at Addictive TV are once more giving away free copies of the audio-visual delight known as Transambient. This time they are providing us with the recently released DVD. First four people to let us know how many years Graham Massey reached on his birthday the other week will win a Transambient Digital Versatile Disc. Note that this DVD is Region code 2. You will either have to live in region 2 or own a multi-region player to play it. Include your full name and postal address if you want to qualify...
23:08:2000 New Graham Massey track
An unreleased track by Graham Massey is surfacing on the charity album 'Tribal Futures: The Way Ahead'. Graham recorded it a couple of years ago together with 808 drummer Colin Seddon. It will be released under the guise of Pro Bumba Orchestra and entitled 'Fort Four Fish'. Release date: 23 October. Details of a release party featuring the 808 DJs at Brixton Academy on 28 October to follow on the Live page as usual. *** No news on the release date of the other charity album we mentioned a while ago, except that the track will be Baton Rouge. *** ZTT confirm that indeed there are promos of the ZTT mix session floating around but that they have no plans of officially releasing them. The Repertoire Records deal will not include 808 albums.
21:08:2000 ZTT mix session
Some news for all you ZTT fans: Ian Peel has done a DJ mix session for BBC Radio 1. Entitled 'ZTT Records:15 Year Chillout' it features some of ZTT's most ambient moments. It will be aired on 3 September during the Annie Nightingale show which is broadcasted over the Internet too. The 808 track chosen is 'Lopez' (Metaphorical Mix by Brian Eno). Rumour has it that Promo CDs are floating around and that ZTT may officially release the session. *** More ZTT stuff: Repertoire Records are re-releasing ZTT back catalogue of AON, FGTH and Propaganda. Repertoire are well known for adding bonus tracks to their releases. It is unknown at this time if 808state albums are also part of the deal.
808 are planning more recording during August. According to Graham, they have got a couple of heavy melodic instrumentals ready to lay down. Rumoured vocalists include Ian Brown and Doughty.
Not very much to talk about at the moment, but here are some bits and pieces before I go on holiday: LWT's new dance show starts 21 July at 23:30. 808 DJ footage may possibly be included, but if not there's always St Etienne performing their latest single *** Transambient DVD incl 808 to be released 24 July *** Homelife play the Big Chill Festival in Wiltshire 5 August and Manchester's Northern Quarter Festival 6 August. Presumably Graham will be joining them *** A couple of 808 Radio Shows to follow on the Sounds page soon *** Keep the faith.
12:06:2000, updated 13:06:2000

808 are back in Radio land for one month starting this week. Darren and Andrew on Wednesday nights, Graham Massey on Thursday nights. Radio Sonic 87.7 FM, Manchester. For most of us, not fortunate enough to pick it up through the airwaves, I hope that we will be provided with transmissions for listening over the Internet at a later date.

Talking of the sounds page: to mark the exact four year anniversary of the Castlefield gig, on Midsummer night (21 June) we will be putting up audio of the 808 live performance. While waiting, get into the spirit and listen to the two DJ sets that preceded 808state on that huge night...

And the Transambient competition winners are... Rod Lester, John J McBride, Stephen Cade, Jon Douglas and Adam Mitchell. Congratulations! The correct answer was Macrobiotic.
Graham has been engaged in doing a two hour soundscape for the opening of The Lowry art gallery in Saldford. Darren meanwhile has been busy with his new TV project entitled Underbelly.
Listen out for the Homelife studio session including Graham on BBC Radio 3 this Saturday at 10:45pm UK time. Unless you're lucky and are at the Bristol 808 live gig, of course...
24:04:2000 Crispy Ambulance
Crispy Ambulance - Accessory After The Fact
Out now: Live album of Crispy Ambulance's one-off gig last November at Toolshed. Produced by Graham Massey. Click here for more details on how to order.
12:04:2000 Transambient details and competition / New management for 808

The competitions at 808state.com just don't stop! Those friendly people at Addictive TV are giving away five copies of the first Transambient VHS video (PAL format) featuring 808state which gets released on Monday, 17 April. To win a copy, answer this simple question: What is the name of the 808 video featured on Transambient? Send your reply to us by 30 April and include your full postal address. The first of two audio-visual DVD albums, containing extra tracks, is then released in July. As on the VHS, 808 will be featured on the first DVD album.

808 State are under new management. The company is called 'North'. Contact details on the contact page. 808 have teamed up with MC Tunes once more to record some Heavy Metal for North. If North can get a recording deal for 808, anything will do for me... let us pray.

09:04:2000 Spot the Sample contest winner / Homelife session date

Here are the Spot the Sample contest answers. Only five people entered, which reflects how hard the competition was. Where most people found around three tracks, Pat Ingoldsby from Canada got closest by spotting seven tracks: Joyrider, Diana, Long Orange, Yakuza, Jerusahat, Bird, Mooz. All that were missing were Mondays, Bond, Balboa and Relay. Seeing how difficult is was (including two unreleased tracks) the prize goes to Pat. The prize is a mysterious exclusive tape and a poster. Congratulations Pat! Now, who can guess the right order of the tracks? Debate on the discussion board...

The Homelife BBC session will be broadcasted on 29th April on BBC Radio 3, Mixing it.

05:04:2000 Transambient / Commonwealth track

Transambient is getting a VHS video and slightly different DVD audio-visual release in July. It will contain the full 12 minute Macrobiotic film with the 808 track on it. Both formats will span over two releases. Details when we get them...

Looking even further into the future, 808 have been asked to submit a track for the 2002 Commonwealth Games to be held in Manchester. It has to be a new tune. Looking back, of course Olympic would have been used for the Olympic games, had they rightfully gone to Manchester...

26:03:2000 new discussion board

The new discussion board is online. Let's kick it off by telling 808 that we want to hear more of their unreleased stuff. Follow my posting...

Only a few more days to get your entries in for the Spot the Sample competition. So far only 3 people have written in.

23:03:2000 - updated 30:03:2000
Move - Remixers Play Move
The Move Remix CD was released today in Japan. Sound clips added.
15:03:2000 Kosovar Charity compilation
A charity record featuring various Manchester bands is set to be released this summer on a new Manchester label called Collectiv Records. The 808 track supposedly will be 'Baton Rouge' which was given to them ages ago. This seems a strange choice now, as Baton Rouge was already featured on the Hurricane Disaster Relief album which was released over a year ago. Any chance of changing the track? Jeep and Homelife are also donating tracks. Apparently Ian Brown too, not with an 808 production though.
14:03:2000 Live news / Japanese remix details - updated
At the end of April 808 State return to the live stage for the first time in eight months: they will perform one warm-up date in Bristol followed by a gig in London. The lads promise quite a lot of new material!
The Japanese remix is confirmed for release 23 March. Full details here. 808 seem to remain popular in the land of the rising sun; before Move, they did various remixes for YMO, Yukihiro Takahashi, Haruomi Hosono, Pizzicato Five, Sugizo, Surf Coasters and Soft Ballet.
04:03:2000 Spot the Sample competition
Listen to the Spot the Sample track on the sounds page. Can you spot all tracks? Send your answers to us and you could win, erm, something. We wanted to give away the famed 808 leather tour jacket, but that was given away during one of the infamous 808 radio shows... Answers by 1 April 2000.
02:03:2000 Japanese remix update
It would appear that the 808 remix of 'Platinum' was done for Move's remix album,  which is pencilled in for a 23 March release in Japan. It's unconfirmed if the 808 mix will definitely feature, or if it still has to be approved.
20:02:2000 updated 04:03:2000

808 have been remixing a track called 'Platinum' by Japanese J-Pop band Move.

Homelife have done a BBC Radio 3 session for 'Mixing it'. It included Graham who performed on bass clarinet and keys. Date of broadcast unknown as yet.

Some possibles: possible gig in Chamonix, France (didn't happen), possible DJing in Hong Kong and China (now later in the year) tbc, possible Internet album deal. Yes, 808 always like to keep us in suspense...

The February issue of mixmag includes a free mixed CD 'Greatest Dancefloor Moments 1990-2000' featuring 808's C├╝bik.
No news yet in 2000, so let's briefly look back at what '99 had in store for 808 fans. Releases included:
  • Baton Rouge
  • Quincy's Lunch
  • The Only Rhyme That Bites / Bombadin remixes
  • Newbuild re-release
  • Flutronic
  • Let yourself go re-release
  • Invader / Full Nelson
  • several exclusive MP3 tracks

Gigs included: around five UK performances, one US appearance (LA) plus loads of solo and DJ stuff. See 99 news archive and live archive for details.