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26:Dec:2004 Exclusive unreleased track for download

In your 808 stocking find 'Rollerball', another exclusive track from the trusty 808state.com sounds page.

20:Dec:2004 808 State Radio Show 4 June 1991 parts 1 & 2

Download another top 808 State Radio Show from the archives, this time from 1991. Many thanks to JPW. More to follow...

12:Dec:2004 808 State Radio Show 8 May 1990 part 2

808 State Radio Show from 8 May 1990 part 2.

11:Dec:2004 Vintage 808 State Radio Show

After a long wait it's time to start a definitive archive of classic 808 State Radio Shows. Kicking off with one from 8 May 1990. Many thanks to Blue Jammer. If you've got old radio shows you would like to share with the 808 community, please get in touch with Markus.

10:Dec:2004 Pacific cover

The lengthy Graham Massey interview by themilkfactory.co.uk is up now. Here's the intro:

When Graham Massey dropped us an e-mail to say he liked the site, we couldn’t let the opportunity of an interview go. Not only did he accept, but he’s given us an almost down-to-the-minute run down of his career from way before 808 State. From his days working as a sound engineer for the Broadwalk in Manchester to spending too much time at the Hacienda, the explosion of the Acid House movement, working with Björk and Bernard Summer, and how Prebuild came about, this is, dare we say, essential reading..

Essential reading indeed!!!

09:Dec:2004 Pacific cover

We enter cheesy cover territory: Pacific 202 by 'The Dark Room' from a mixed Arcade CD titled Dream House - Dance 2 Relaxx 2. Actually the Pacific cover is not that bad, considering some of the other stuff on the CD. Credited to Price / Barker / Partington / Massey / Simpson. Publ: Perfect Songs / SPZ Music Benelux 1996. Who says it's not worth going through bargain bins? Markus.

08:Dec:2004 Classic 808 Radio Show

You can audio stream a classic 808 State radio show from July 1990 (Sunset FM) by going to nrkmusic.com. Updated February 2005: The show can now be found on the 808 DJs page.

07:Dec:2004 Cubikated

During the past summer Ferry Corsten's mix of Cubik was creating big waves. Unfortunately it seems it will never be released due to high financial demands by Perfect Songs. At least now you can find a boot recording from a live DJ set in the bootleg section.

06:Dec:2004 The Wisdom Of The Magi

It's that season again, make sure you revisit Don King Singh presents We Three King "The Wisdom Of The Magi" (and it's application in the 21st century) by Massey in 2000. Download ZIP File (26 MB).

05:Dec:2004 Cubik Slim Shady Breakbeat Bootie

Today's mp3 is another great Cubik bootleg - the Slim Shady Cubik Breakbeat Bootie.

04:Dec:2004 Pacific Kenny Ken

Another boot, this time the Kenny Ken mix of Pacific. Rather similar to the Grooverider version.

03:Dec:2004 Cubik xmen mix 2003

Check the boot section for a 2003 xmen bootleg of Cubik, courtesy of Badgerman. Keep 'em coming in.

02:Dec:2004 Let Yusuf Go

Round two of sounds and it's another one of Pete Z's fab mixes - the reworking of Let Yourself Go in a tribute to Yusuf Islam a.k.a. Cat Stevens.

01:Dec:2004 Massey news and mp3 news

Graham Massey has been interviewed by themilkfactory.co.uk, the interview should appear sometime this month. Graham's mix of Robbie Williams is now being released on official UK 12" vinyl titled 'Radio Remixes' on 6 December.

December will be a month of sound files. Kicking off with our very own Pete Zarustica's tribute to 808 State and New Order. If you regularly read the forum you will already know this. His mix of Confusion is on the sounds page. He's done a whole handful of mixes, still available on this page, but be quick, they won't be there much longer. To follow: bootlegs and exclusive tracks from the 808 vaults.

17:Nov:2004 Graham Massey news - films galore
URB - January 2005 - Graham Massey and Dr Bob Moog

Graham Massey has interviewed Dr Bob Moog for American URB magazine. The interview focuses mainly on the documentary about Moog's life and influence and should be in the December or January edition of URB magazine. The documentary was shown at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival and is in theaters now with a DVD to follow.

Graham has done the score for a film called Battaglia (also screened in Sheffield). It was directed by Daniela Zanzotto whom Graham worked with before on 'Kissed By Angels' (2001), which is shown on Channel 4 in the UK soon.

Graham has also written the original score to 'It's All Gone Pete Tong'. The film apparently did quite well at the Toronto Film festival in September and should be out in April.

Yes another interview featuring Graham for the ITV documentary 'Truly, Madly,Deeply Vale' is shown in the Granada region on Friday 19th November in the late evening! Its about a long forgotten festival back in the late 70s where Graham would play in various guises including 'Danny And The Dressmakers' and 'Crispy Ambulance' (Graham was the electric violinist on this one).

01:Nov:2004 Back To Mine, Grand Theft Auto, Poptones & Newbuild (updated 17 November)

Out Now: Back To Mine compilation by Carl Cox featuring a less common mix of Pacific: 212 by Justin Strauss. Available on mixed CD (BACKCD19) and unmixed double vinyl (BACKLP19).

Pacific gets another airing on one of the radio stations in PlayStation2 game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which is out now. It's also included in the 8xCD soundtrack box set. Note that 808 are not featured on the 2xCD soundtrack. The CDs are out 22 November in the US & Europe. Thanks to SnowLeopardess, Tasco & Nick for the detective work. Update 17 November: It looks as though 808 are not on the 8xCD box either.

Poptones have an interesting e-interview with Graham Massey.

It's hard to believe, but it's more than five years ago since Newbuild was (re-)released by Rephlex. Now out of print, Rephlex have decided to re-press the CD. Nice review by Boomkat:

Repressed with much good sense and timing by those Rephlex folk, "Newbuild" is the definite UK acid techno album, a masterclass in bleep constructions that every electro purist and acid freak in the known universe should own. "Flow Coma" alone ends any argument anyone might have about how definitive this album is, so if you don't know it or, indeed, any of the tracks here, now's your chance to get with the programme. Mighty.

Update 17 November: The 3xLP is possibly being repressed too!

31:Oct:2004 John Peel - Rest In Peace

Legendary BBC broadcaster John Peel died on 26 October at the age of 65, while on holiday in Peru. Graham Massey pays tribute:

Sad loss, probably one of the most important inspirations in the UK music scene. 808 owe him vastly. First for championing Newbuild / Quadrastate etc. In fact when we started the sessions for Quadrastate it was for a Peel session which he let us record in our own studio, against BBC protocol. He was always up in Manchester checking out what was going on at that time. I had the pleasure of hanging out with him a couple of times, his knowledge was incredible when it came to music. Plus he actually used to make a point of buying stuff from Eastern Bloc and Piccadilly Records where he'd hang out like a regular punter.

Only just back in September he played Confusion by New Order / 808 State on his show. Also make sure you check out 'The John Peel Sessions' by A Guy Called Gerald on Strange Fruit Records. Rest in peace.

04:Oct:2004 Prebuild, Acid House remixes and another.
Biting Tongues - Recharge
Robbie Williams - Radio

The wait is over. The release of Prebuild took about three years in planning. But it's a short wait considering it was seventeen years ago when this was recorded and it has been made available for the first time ever. It's out now - own a piece of musical history!

The New Order Acid House remixes by 808 State have been doing well, entering the Dance Charts at number 12 and the Indie Charts at number 15. There's an interesting interview by Stuart Aitken on the BBC Manchester website.

Oh and then there's another release out today: Robbie Williams 'Radio' DVD single, featuring a remix by a certain Graham Massey.

27:Sep:2004 New Order, Carl Cox and Andy Barker
New Order Acid House Mixes by 808 State 12"

With some luck the New Order Acid House Mixes by 808 State 12" should be available in shops today. Get this while you can - Rephlex pressings are usually pretty limited. It sold out on pre-orders at warpmart. It's been played by radio stations for a while now and is getting good reviews by the press. A nice one here from DJ mag October edition, submitted by Nick King.

Pete Zarustica reports that the next Back To Mine compilation by Carl Cox features 808's Pacific 212 (by Justin Strauss). Carl must be a big 808 fan, as he also put Cubik (Victor Calderone mix) on his 5th Birthday Mix CD for Muzik mag in 2000. Out 25 October as usual on mixed CD and unmixed vinyl. When will 808 State be invited to compile their 'personal collection for after hours grooving'?

Andy has been mixing some stuff for an indie / electro band called  ACCK.

07:Sep:2004 Graham Massey mixes Robbie Williams

The white label 12" pictured below (26:Aug) is actually not a remix of Client, but of the new Robbie Williams single, also entitled 'Radio'. Graham's mix will feature as a b-side. Release date is the same as for Prebuild: 4 October. Thanks to Schwemmi for the info.

01:Sep:2004 Earthdance Saturday 18 September 2004

Our very own Dr. Walsh has managed to get A Guy Called Gerald live as well as the 808 State DJs for Earthdance 2004 Manchester. See the press release on the forum. Saturday 18 September @ DryBar. If you're in the Manchester area, get down there!

26:Aug:2004 Client remix

Smiley reports that a Graham Massey remix of the new Client single 'Radio' has surfaced on white-label 12". More details to follow on this, hopefully.

Update 07:Sep:2004: This is actually not a remix of Client, but of the new Robbie Williams single, also entitled 'Radio'.

18:Aug:2004 Prebuild artwork & tracklisting revealed. Updated 25:Aug:2004

The artwork of Prebuild was revealed today on rephlex.com! The release date has slipped just one week, now standing at 4 October. Formats confirmed to be CD and double 12" vinyl. New Order remixes release date remains 13 September (vinyl only). The wait is almost over.

Update 25 Aug: Prebuild discography page added.

09:Aug:2004 Boots

The sounds page now features a boot section. We kick off with a 1991 track heavily sampling Cubik.

8:08:2004 Benicassim revisited

One year ago today (8.08.03) 808 performed at the Benicassim International Festival in Spain. For those who didn't manage to catch the stream back then, you can now grab the download here.

07:Aug:2004 Pacific cover

Out since May: Julius Papp 'Beat The State' featuring a cover of Pacific State. It appears on Nite Grooves 12", catalogue number KNG 204. Click image to enlarge.

'Twice As Nice' (LTMCD2398) featuring Graham's bass on 'Motherland' by The Royal Family And The Poor can be ordered directly through LTM now. It won't be in the shops until September.

05:Aug:2004 ZTT

Ian Peel reports:

Out today - the September issue of Record Collector magazine with a special feature (by me) to mark the 21st anniversary of ZTT. It's a full nine colour pages and includes a brand new interview with MC Tunes. There are lots of sleeve shots of 808 classics and a mini-feature on ZTT's Top Ten Rarities which includes a picture of 808's Remix Sampler cassette.

08:Jul:2004 Spirit track

We're going to go way back in the sounds section this month to 1989 and relive the spirit of Spirit Studios with a Graham-only track entitled Store St.

07:Jul:2004 The Royal Family And The Poor (remodelled by Graham Massey)
LTM Compilation - Twice As Nice

Nick reports that Graham has remodelled 'Motherland' by The Royal Family And The Poor. Out on 'Twice As Nice' (LTM, LTMCD2398) in September. More information at John's Cerysmatic Factory site.

03:Jul:2004 Doctor Who delayed

The CD "Resistance Is Futile: Doctor Who Remixed" has now been removed from the BBC 2004 release schedule with no definite future date. Graham's mix of 'The Master' did appear on the Panopticon 2003 limited edition 3 track promo sampler in 2003, which will now presumably be even more sought after...

30:Jun:2004 DTroit DVD
dtroit massey

The catalogue of the DTroit exhibition at URBIS Manchester includes a DVD featuring a lengthy interview with Graham Massey amongst others. They are exhibits of a video project by Elliot Eastwick entitled The Sounds Of Two Cities. The DVD also shows two previously unseen (?) 808 images by Ian Tilton. Order the catalogue with DVD (numbered and limited to 1000) through URBIS. Navigate to: shop > exhibitions > Dtroit > catalogue. They also ship internationally. The exhibition runs until 18 July 2004.

29:Jun:2004 So Hot EP artwork revealed

Take a look at the proposed sleeve artwork for the So Hot 12" EP in the discography.

20:Jun:2004 A.M.C.A.A.T. Fan mix

Check out another fan mix in the sounds area, Tunes & Roses fans should like this one.

08:Jun:2004 Exclusive download track + Rephlex release update

Time for another exclusive download track. Saxasalt, recorded in 2000 @ studio 101. Get it in the sounds section.

According to rephlex.com the latest Prebuild release dates are:

13 September So Hot 12" EP
27 September Prebuild LP/CD

15:May:2004 Cubik fan mix

Psychomatic of Portugal has remixed Cubik, listen to the dry remix in the sounds section.

08:May:2004 So Hot & Prebuild release dates & archive track

The following unconfirmed release dates have been mentioned by Rephlex: So Hot EP: 19 July, Prebuild LP/CD: 30 August.

More archive tracks from Room 101 studio have been uncovered. Check the sounds section for StickyHop, a tune from 2000. Another to follow soon.

01:Apr:2004 808 DJs

Andy has provided us with a 2002 DJ mix, see the 808state DJs page. This mix will only be available for two weeks, so get downloading now!

18:Mar:2004 Art Of Noise / So Hot
Abduction Of The Art Of Noise

'The Abduction Of The Art Of Noise' is out now and can be ordered through Iris Light Records. Details: V/A - Abduction Of The Art Of Noise, featuring Benaco (Andy Barker) - Moments In Love (Beaten) [06:12], Catalogue number: I-LIGHT030CD / KVA001.

Test pressings of the So Hot EP (Rephlex vinyl CAT 806) have been manufactured.

04:Mar:2004 Release dates update

'The Abduction Of The Art Of Noise' is due mid-March and can be pre-ordered through Iris Light Records. End of March should see 'The Powder Blind Dream' by Crispy Ambulance. 'Resistance Is Futile - Doctor Who Remixed' has been postponed to 25 June.

All old skool 808state t-shirts by Pete have now sold out.

15:Feb:2004 Confusion

It's now been confirmed that Confusion will be on the b-side of the So Hot EP. Graham wants it to be clear that it is 808 in the 88 Acid style. Blue Monday (known as So Hot due to Gerald's vocal) was made to take down to one of the 'Hot' nights at the Hacienda and was never really intended as a release.

03:Feb:2004 Rephlex news

Rephlex have announced the catalogue numbers for the Prebuild album and the preceding single:

CAT 806 EP - 808 STATE - "SO HOT" (vinyl only)

The 'So Hot' EP features the cover version of Blue Monday. No word on any release dates.

21:Jan:2004 Exclusive track 'Metaluna' out now
Hear You Soon

The compilation 'Hear You Soon' featuring 808 State's track Metaluna is now available for ordering directly through US label Blue Bell Records. On the site there are also links to online stores in the UK and Japan. Details: V/A - Hear You Soon : Part One, Catalog Number: BBR01.

04:Jan:2004 Preview of 2004

Happy New Year. After reviewing 2003, these are the known upcoming releases for 2004:

  • 808 State "Metaluna" on compilation CD "Hear you soon", January.
  • Graham Massey "The Master" 808state mix on "Resistance Is Futile: Doctor Who Remixed" CD, January.
  • Kompressor (Andrew Barker, a.k.a. Benaco) "Moments In Love" cover on "The Abduction Of The Art Of Noise" CD, February. Andy is working on a full Benaco album too, release date unknown.
  • Crispy Ambulance "Powder Blind Dream" album, March.
  • 808 State "Prebuild" album on Rephlex. All paperwork has now been completed, hoping for a March release date. To be proceeded by a single with 808 cover versions of New Order's "Blue Monday" and "Confusion". A Guy Called Gerald and New Order have approved the release of the covers, the only hurdle now being Arthur Baker who needs to approve Confusion.
  • Toolshed album, release date unknown.