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31:12:2005 Twighlight

To close the year, please find another exclusive download on the sounds page, titled Twighlight (edit) from 1999. Have a good New Years Eve!

22:12:2005 Merry Christmas!
Bjork - Army Of Me covers
Suns Of Arqa - Hallucinasia
Perfect 10 - Pacific 202

A special Merry Christmas 2005 wish from Massey is on the Sounds page now. In the fan mixes section find a Junglist Bond reworking by majtek, a One in Ten retrofit by dee3 and a track sampling Europa by willman85.

Graham has been interviewed by Tape Op magazine. A Manchester bands photo shoot including 808 State should appear in the Observer Music Monthly in January. The 808 DJs will be DJing in Birmingham on New Years Eve.

Here are some items that are out now, get them for under your Christmas tree:

  • Graham Massey's Toolshed album (TN066) on Twisted Nerve. Double vinyl with free CD of the album inside. Handmade sleeve, limited to 500 copies! Available from quality stores like boomkat.com. Internationally this is a CD-only release.
  • Suns Of Arqa remix CD album 'Hallucinasia' (ARKACD33127) including the Graham Massey mix of Raga Raghunath (16:39 in length). Buy from sunsofarqa.co.uk.
  • 808:88:98 North American release (ZTT100) on ZTT (same tracklist as UK issue). This was previously released on Universal in the US and had a slightly different tracklisting.
  • Yet another Pacific bootleg: Perfect 10 - Pacific 202.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

02:11:2005 Exclusive 808state.com t-shirt for sale
order now

As previously reported through the forum, black t-shirts with orange 808 State logo are now for sale. They were commissioned by Markus through 808 State's Japanese label, Bad News and are limited to 20 pieces worldwide. This colour combination is exclusively available through 808state.com. Exact availability is updated on the forum. Access the order page directly. Update 20 Nov: all shirts are now sold out!

21:10:2005 another Pacific bootleg
Cut & Run - Pacific Breaks

Badgerman reports on the forum that another Pacific bootleg was released earlier this week. Cut & Run: "Pacific Breaks" & "Pacific DnB". 12" promo CAR 009.

10:09:2005 Japanese t-shirts

Good news from Bad News Records Japan: they are producing more 808 t-shirts, this time in five colour variations! Previous t-shirts (blue & yellow) were sold exclusively at the Wire 05 Yokohama gig in July. Orders are being taken on the badnews.co.jp website until this Friday 16 September. The shirts are a limited edition, to be printed after 16 September and shipped in October. See forum discussion for further news as it comes in. Thanks Mark for spotting this news item.
Update 19 Oct: shirts have been shipped now.

grey t-shirt
yellow t-shirt
black t-shirt
blue t-shirt
white t-shirt
14:08:2005 US interview

Lionel D has submitted an 808 State interview made by a college radio station in October 1991 during a US-tour. The broadcast included twelve 808 State tracks almost all played at full length. If you're not familiar with 808's music from 90/91 (is there anyone?), this is a great way to catch up. See the 808 Radio page.

Peter Katafalk - Pacific 202

It's the day that comes only once a year, celebrate the 08:08 on the sounds page with three exclusive downloads; Box O Cream, Ghostly Ghostly and six Joyrider samples. Create your own Joyrider mix and submit it to Markus.

Details of the recent Pacific cover:

Peter Katafalk - Pacific 202
Mantra Vibes records - MTR 2235 (12" vinyl)
A1. Pacific 202 (Original Mix) [by 'original' they don't mean 808 State's original]
B1. Pacific 202 (Maskio Acid Terrace Remix)

Both these mixes as well as a third mix (Bellone Remix) are available for paid download from djdownload.com. While there, on a similar note, you'll also find the Julius Papp remix of Pacific (previously vinyl-only).

808's mini world tour (Italy, Japan, France) has ended. Pictures of Tokyo have been added, Turin to follow. If anyone took any photos in Montpellier please get in touch.

It's All Gone Pete Tong is set for a 12 September DVD release.

24:Jun:2005 Glastonbury

Whilst Graham is doing a Biting Tongues performance tonight in Manchester, Andrew & Darren are DJing at Glastonbury. The 808 DJs will feature in 6 Mix on Sunday evening between 20:00 - 22:00 UK time.

14:Jun:2005 original t-shirts discovered

Andrew has found some original, pristine long-sleeved 808 t-shirts from the 1991 Cities In The Park festival! Strictly limited, you can order them through Markus on this t-shirt page. Lift / Open shirt available too. Update 15:Jun: The Cities In The Park t-shirts have sold out already! Lift shirts are still available. Update 23:Jun: All t-shirts now sold out. Possibly more can be dug out, watch this space for further announcements.

11:Jun:2005 more downloads

More downloads: an exclusive demo version of Brown Sauce (different from the one on Outpost Transmission US) plus two radioshows from 2000.

08:Jun:2005 Download track

Exclusive download track of the month: Nylon. See the sounds page. Also find Fajita there, previously available in 2003 for download from amazon.com. Note that the edit of Fajita on the forthcoming Japanese Wire 05 compilation is slightly different.

Wire 05 Compilation
It's All Gone Pete Tong

An additional live date for this Summer is on the cards: Montpellier, France. And really looking into the future: Deeply Vale June 2006(!) also has 808 State on the list.

There will be a double CD to go alongside the Wire festival in Japan. 808 State will be included on it with an edit of Fajita. Provisional release date: 5 July 2005.

Out now: "It's All Gone Pete Tong" soundtrack.


As rumoured for some time now on the forum, 808 State will be playing two live sets this July in Italy and Japan. Details on the live page.

Release dates for "It's All Gone Pete Tong" soundtrack: 16 May. Movie: playing now in USA, 27 May in the UK.

NJOHNSON has submitted an early 808 Music Factory megamix to the bootleg section. Thanks!

15:Apr:2005 Radio, Reissues, 808 radio shows

This Saturday 16 April Kink FM's Electronation will feature a special on 808 State. Listen on Dutch Radio, Internet or Beatcast. Time: 20:00 - 22:00 CET. 808 special between 21:00 & 22:00. Update: Beatcast now features the show to download.

29:Mar:2005 Release dates. Updated 15:Apr:2005
Bjork - Army Of Me covers
It's All Gone Pete Tong
Suns Of Arqa - Hallucinasia

Here are some release dates, subject to change as always:

22:Mar:2005 Radio Show

Courtesy of properoldskool, another classic 808 Radio Show (7 May 1991) has made it's way onto the 808 DJ page, with many more to come. Properoldskool specialize in digitally re-mastering Old Skool Mixtapes to CD. Out of respect to 808, they are making all shows available to 808state.com.

09:Mar:2005 DJ mix

Happy Birthday Andy Barker. Check out a 2001 DJ mix by Andy & Darren on the 808 DJ page.

08:Mar:2005 another free, exclusive mp3

It's the 8th of the month and birthday boy Markus has chosen 2000 demo 'Physics' as the exclusive download track. See the sounds page. If you would like to destroy your PC speakers, make sure you turn up the volume at around 05:29 running time. You have been warned.

02:Mar:2005 A new version of Pacific & a Suns Of Arqa remix

Graham Massey's score to "It's All Gone Pete Tong" includes a new mix of Pacific State using original samples. It's entitled ambient conga mix and was specifically made for the movie. The track hasn't made it into the film but looks like being included on the soundtrack. There's a short snip on the IAGPT site. Originally 8 minutes long, it will probably be edited down for the OST. Maybe we will be able to make the full mix available on 808state.com sometime in the future.

Graham has completed a 16(!) minute mix of a new Suns Of Arqa track called Raga Ragunath. Apparently to appear on Butterfly Records. No further details known as of yet. Of course Graham was involved in mixing the Suns in the early nineties with Govinda Go.

Graham has also been involved in choosing the tracks that will make it onto the Army Of Me charity remix 2CD titled 'Army Of Me-xes'. Out soon.

27:Feb:2005 Forum back

The forum is running again. We've lost about two days as it had to be restored. If you had bookmarked the old forum, please note it's new location.

13:Feb:2005 Tunes

Thanks for the all the positive feedback on 'Rollerball' in the forum. There's now another track - Santolo - from the same session on the sounds page. You can also find more Radio Shows from 1990 on the 808 DJs page.

27:Jan:2005 808 State Radio Show archive

Time for more classic 808 State Radio Shows. Get part 1 and 2 from 29 May 1990 on the 808 State Radio page. Thanks Spaz. Many more to follow.

15:Jan:2005 Look-back at 2004

Here's a short summary of what 2004 had in stock:

The highlight was certainly the release of Prebuild (CD & 2LP). Many thanks to Autechre & Rephlex for making this possible. They also made the New Order Acid House remixes (12") by 808 State happen. And Rephlex re-pressed Newbuild (CD & 3LP). Make sure you own all these items in all formats. Remember, Rephlex will consider releasing Quadrastate (first time ever on CD) if Prebuild does well. Have you voted for a Quadrastate re-release yet?

The exclusive 808 track 'Metaluna' appeared on the CD compilation 'Hear You Soon' through US label Blue Bell Records.

Graham had a hand in many soundtracks & gave plenty of interviews (amongst others on the DTroit DVD). He also remixed the single Radio by Robbie Williams (promo 12", DVD single & official remix 12"). Also was involved in the 'Twice As Nice' LTM compilation, Crispy Ambulance's 'Powder Blind Dream' album and Homelife's album 'Guru Man Hubcap Lady'. For Graham's activities outside of 808, remember to check the Toolshed website.

Cubik & Pacific were once again sampled, bootlegged & re-modeled heavily. Introduction of a special bootleg section in the sounds section. The 808 State DJs Radio Show page was re-opened in the sounds section. Hopefully this will be come a definitive archive of classic 808 radio madness. Many exclusive 808 demo tracks were added to the sounds section and will continue to be added.

Andrew Barker was involved in the compilation 'The Abduction Of The Art Of Noise' through Iris Light Records as Benaco with a cover version of Moments In Love (Beaten). Benaco also appeared on a free Audio CD-ROM called Cybersonica 04 with the track 'King Of Detroit'.

Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site & forum. You know who you are.

In closing; we always shall remember legendary BBC broadcaster John Peel who died on 26 October 2004. Rest in peace John.