808state news 2006
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22:12:2006 Christmas 808 DJ Radio Show

Xmas 808 DJ Radio Show @ Radio Revolution Online on Christmas Day at 20:00 UK time.

20:12:2006 Merry Christmas

For the first time in mp3 quality, Graham's xmas mix 2000 in the sounds section.

Don King Singh presents
We Three King
The Wisdom Of The Magi
(and its application in the 21st century)

10:12:2006 Radio Show

Another 1993 808 Radio Show on the DJ sounds page now. Can you spot those tunes?

09:12:2006 Badgermix

Badgerman has done an extensive 808 megamix. It's in the sounds fanmixes section now.

08:12:2006 Glitter

Another exclusive track for your mp3 listening pleasure, titled Glitter, is in the sounds section now.

06:12:2006 Massonix Subtracks out now

Massonix Subtracks CD out now!

01:12:2006 Dance, Decks and Videotape
Andy at Bloom Festival

Andy was interviewed during the Bloom festival for a dance music documentary called Dance Decks and Videotape. It's being made by Dominic Wade and also features Mark Archer of Altern 8 and Matt from SL2. Download a short clip (6 MB). ||| Seven of the nine Massonix tracks from last week's live set were played on the Mary Anne Hobbs show. The archived show is available there for another week. ||| The Massonix album is now set to be released in the week of 11 December. The US release has been delayed until the New Year.

18:11:2006 Massonix

Graham has written an exclusive Massonix track called 'Cicada Distortion' for a Japanese Web Manga at shinzou.jp. It is only available through iTunes Japan. There is a nice making of video featuring an interview with Graham downloadable from here. ||| The 24 November Manchester gig will be transmitted on the Mary Anne Hobbs show on 1 December together with the LFO performance. ||| The tracklisting of the Massonix album is now known. Many record shops such as Boomkat are listing a release date of around 27 November. Graham himself doesn't seem so sure and is hinting 4 or 11 December. In any case, let's hope it's before Christmas, otherwise the release will not be until well into 2007. Formats: CD & LP. Label: Skam. Distributors: beatink (Japan), Forced Exposure (USA).

08:11:2006 Future Music interview

The November 2006 issue of FutureMusic magazine (Issue 181, UK) features a nice write-up on Newbuild in their Classic Album section. Thanks to Rodders for reporting.

14:10:2006 Lost track

Check the sounds section for an unfinished track from Outpost sessions, originally intended for a vocal: Lost Loft.

04:10:2006 Massonix update
massonix sleeve

The name of the nautically themed Massonix album has been revealed: 'Subtracks'. Release date is still aimed at 27 November. 13 tracks. It will be available on CD (SKALD080) and double LP (SKALP080). The vinyl may be released a little later. The 24 November gig will be recorded for the Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1 show.

13:09:2006 Radioshow

1993 Radio Shows are being added, kicking off with one from 5 January 1993. On the DJ sounds page, as ever.

08:09:2006 Miss World

Time for another exclusive track from the 808 archives. Miss World can be found in the sounds section.

05:09:2006 Massonix

Skam Records are releasing a Massonix album! It will cover quite a time span of material ranging from Graham's ATP- to Manchester Cathedral Pulsars performances. Massonix will be appearing live at The Warehouse in Manchester on 24 November. The gig also features Autechre & LFO! With some luck the album may be ready for the 24th...

20:07:2006 Bloom Festival live date

808 State are to headline the Bloom Festival on Sunday 13 August! Bloom is a new summer festival of 'cultured electronic beats and bass' which runs from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th at Larmer Tree Gardens near Salisbury (Wiltshire). More info on the Bloom Festival website. Update: Pictures of the gig starting to appear on the forum.

21:06:2006 Castlefield 10 years ago today

Midsummer night 1996 was a very special evening: 808 State gave a free party at the Manchester Castlefield Arena to celebrate the release of Don Solaris. 10 years later we remember the legendary event by making three hours of recordings available of the show, for the first time in mp3 quality! Parts 1 and 2 are in the DJ section, part 3 is in the live section.

27:05:2006 Ferry Corsten - Cubikated
Ferry Corsten L.E.F.

Ferry Corsten's new album 'L.E.F.' features his cover of Cubik titled 'Cubikated'. The sleeve notes read: "Cubikated contains the melody of 'Cubic' by 808 State. Respect!" L.E.F. (Loud Electronic Ferocious) is out now in Europe & Japan.

03:05:2006 Unlocking The Groove
unlocking the groove book

A new book called Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music by Mark J. Butler is available. It explores the diverse ways in which electronic dance music shapes time. It discusses the work of a variety of musicians, including 808 State (Graham Massey was interviewed). The book is available through many online bookstores as hardback (cloth) as well as softback. Both editions include a CD which features samples of Cubik (Kings County Perspective version). Cubik is not included in full length. Direct links to softback copies: buy from amazon.com or buy import from amazon.co.uk. Publisher: Indiana University Press. ISBN: 0253218047.

25:04:2006 Invader live

A live recording of Invader played at the Wire 05 festival in Yokohama last year has been added to the sounds section. Graham will be performing a rare Massonix set at the Skam Party in London on 5 May. The live page has been updated.

08:02:2006 Manchester v Cancer photos

See reports and images of the Manchester v Cancer concert. 808 State prints by Simon Webbon can now be ordered through him at 10 GBP per print plus handling & postage. Payment is handled through Nochex (UK only). All proceeds go to Christie's. Christie's is the charity which raises funds for the Christie Hospital - one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe. Information on the auction of Mick Rock's exclusive images taken backstage to follow.

08:01:2006 Happy New Year!

2006 is starting with a bag full of good news: January sees various DJ sets and 808 State performing live at the Manchester v Cancer charity gig. The live dates page has been updated.

ZTT are re-releasing their 808 State CD album back-catalogue. This should include Ninety, The North At Its Heights, Ex:El, Gorgeous, Don Solaris and Outpost Transmission too! Every CD will be accompanied with a rarities bonus disc. Ideas for the bonus discs are taken now in the 808 discussion forum.

A CD release for Quadrastate with bonus tracks through Rephlex is also on the cards! The bonus tracks are decided by Graham and Rephlex for this album. Work is well in progress but it's impossible to predict any release date, due to legal issues etc.

2005 again saw several exclusive downloads and Graham added another in December titled Twighlight. See the sounds page. Also many 808 State Radio Shows from back in the days were added and will continue to be added in 2006.

December 2005 finally saw Graham Massey's Toolshed album being released. For details please see the Toolshed website. Other releases included:

  • Suns Of Arqa remix CD album 'Hallucinasia' (ARKACD33127) including the Graham Massey mix of Raga Raghunath (16:39 in length). Buy from sunsofarqa.co.uk.
  • 808:88:98 North American release (ZTT100) on ZTT through Navarre.
  • About five Pacific remixes and bootlegs. Another DnB one out now apparently.
  • It's All Gone Pete Tong DVD and CD soundtrack including a new version of Pacific.
  • Wire 05 Japanese compilation CD including Fajita.

808 State performed three live gigs. See the 2005 live page including all the DJ sets.

Bad News Records made Japanese 808 State t-shirts available. A limited edition of 20 were exclusively made in the colours black / orange and sold exclusively through 808state.com. A handful of Cities In The Park / Lift long sleeved shirts were found and a few more should become available in 2006.

For more details on all of the above plus more go over the 2005 news.