808 State news 2019
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20:12:2019 - 808 State live in Lyon and Glasgow
808 State have announced two more live dates for 2020:
  • Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon, France on 22 May 2020. Forum link.
  • Glasgow, Scotland on 11 April 2020. Forum link.
17:12:2019 - Dublin date 01 Feb 2020 / 808 in-store performance Rough Trade East London reminder
808 State have announced a live date at Button Factory in Dublin, Ireland on 1 February 2020. Forum link.
Reminder: If you are attending the 808 State in-store performance at Rough Trade East this Wednesday 18th December: be there by @ 6pm (not 7pm as mentioned on flyer)! Forum link.
13:12:2019 - Vienna date 13 Feb 2020
808 State have announced a live date with Graham Massey on 13 February 2020 at club Das Werk in Vienna, Austria. Forum link.
28:11:2019 - Live news
  • 808 State have announced a festival date in Albania: Kala Festival in Dhermi 12 Jun 2020. The festival runs from 10-17 June. Forum link.
  • Graham Massey's Toolshed will be playing live in Manchester 19 December 2019. Forum link.
15:11:2019 - Transmission Suite press & radio shows - Biting Tongues LP - 808 London in-store
  • See the 808 State articles section for an overview of physical magazines and external web pages featuring articles, interviews and reviews on the Transmission Suite album.
  • See the Radio Shows forum for radio shows added with DJ mixes, interviews and information on Transmission Suite.
  • Markus will be doing an 808 State special via Roger van Lunteren's Schallobst Radio Show through 674.fm on Sunday 17 November 2019. More information in the Radio Shows forum.
  • The second Biting Tongues album Live It is getting it's first vinyl release! There will be two editions through the Cache Cache label of Finders Keepers. Available for pre-order now, release date: 29 November 2019. More information in the Biting Tongues forum.
  • 808 State have announced another in-store performance in London, this time at Rough Trade East on Wednesday 18th December 2019 @ 6pm. More information in the 808 State forum.
11:10:2019 - 808 State Transmission Suite album released today!!!
Massive 808 day today, Friday 11 October 2019: Then on Saturday 12 October Transmission Suite release party in Manchester Picadilly Records followed by Richard Hector Jones Interview with 808 State at 33 Oldham Street.
10:10:2019 - Electronic Sound with 7" released now and instore gig in Banquet Records 14 Oct 2019
The bundle of Electronic Sound magazine with the super limited 808 State 7" vinyl single and 8-page interview with 808 State can be ordered online at Electronic Sound now. Once again, the magazine at news shops will not include the single! Full details in the forum. 808 State have announced an in-store event at Banquet Records on Monday 14 Oct 2019 18:00 - 19:30 Tickets link. More details in the Forum. More interviews, mixes etc are continuously added to the 808 State discussion Forum and the 808 State Radio Shows, DJ sets, podcasts, interviews Forum. Amongst others:
  • Clash Music Massey mix
  • Bleep mix and interview
  • The 10 Best Remixes of 808 State Tracks according to 808 State (Dummy Mag) Interview
  • Fifteen Questions Interview with 808 State (Graham Massey)
  • Video Interview with Graham by Sound On Sound magazine
08:10:2019 - 808 State UK Live tour 2020 announced
808 State have announced a 2020 UK tour:
  • 21 March 2020 Sheffield
  • 27 March 2020 London
  • 28 March 2020 Cardiff
  • 03 April 2020 Newcastle
  • 04 April 2020 Liverpool
Tickets go on sale this Friday 11 October 2019. Forum link.
Also only three more days until the release of the Transmission Suite album!
06:10:2019 - Andy interview on Tunnel Club Timeless Radio Show 1988 Special
Andy Barker has been interviewed about the new 808 State album by Tunnel Club Timeless Radio Show on their 1988 Special. Radio show forum link.
Out now on Cache Cache (Finders Keepers): Limited cassette tape of Graham Massey's very early work as Beach Surgeon, titled Cassette Roulette (1979-1984). More information: Forum link.
01:10:2019 - 808 State exclusive 7" on Electronic Sound magazine 58 (Oct 2019)!

As just announced by Graham Massey in his interview by Lippy Kid on Radio Free Matlock: 808 State are on the front cover of Electronic Sound magazine issue 58 (Oct 2019). The magazine will contain an exclusive 808 State 7" vinyl single! Note: The vinyl is included for subscribers and purchasers of the bundle. The regular magazine at news shops does not include the 7".


A: Ozawa (Transmission Suite outtake)
B: Cubik 808 30 (The version 808 State opened the show with on the last tour).
Forum link. Graham Massey has compiled a mix for Clash Music. Forum link.

30:09:2019 - Two German live dates announced
808 State have announced two Transmission Suite live dates with Graham Massey: 15 November Berlin IPSE and 16 November Hamburg Uebel & Gefaehrlich.
28:09:2019 - 808 State in media
808 State are doing a lot of interviews for magazines, websites and radio stations. They will all be mentioned in the forum. Click on the forum links for more details and discussion. After a grace period they will be made available in our radio show -and magazine archives by Markus & Nick.
  • Andy & Graham were interviewed for Future Music magazine 349 (September 2019), lovely seven page article. Forum link.
  • Graham was interviewed by Stu Whiffe for Off The Beat & Track on 19 Sep 2019 (Episode 65) in which they discuss seven of Graham's records, available as a Spotify playlist. Forum link.
  • Graham was interviewed by Mary Ann Hobs for BBC Radio 6 Music on 27 Sep 2019 and did a special guest mix for them. Forum link.
  • Lippy Kid chats with Graham Massey on The Electronic Show 01 Oct 2019 20:00-22:00 UK time on Radio Free Matlock. Forum link.
08:09:2019 - Live date 26 October in Bologna announced
808 State have announced a live date in Bolgona, Italy on 26 October 2019, as part of the Robot Festival.
30:08:2019 - Album listening party in Manchester 12 October 2019!
On 12 October, National Album Day, 808 State will be holding a micro rave in Piccadilly Records Manchester. The party starts at 16:30 and includes album signing. Tickets can be purchased here. Also see the Facebook event page.
28:08:2019 - New EP Subsequent Granada Report out now
The next digital EP, titled Subsequent Granada Report is out now!
08:08:2019 - 808 State news
Details of the brand new album Transmission Suite have been announced. It will be released on 11 October 2019 on CD and double vinyl and is ready for pre-ordering. A further track from the forthcoming album has been released: The Ludwig Question, available digitally. A new video version of the first digital single Tokyo Tokyo is out now.
19:07:2019 - Live gigs in Manchester and Barcelona announced
808 State will be playing live at WHP19 as part of the Feel My Bicep night on 30 November 2019. On 23 November they will be live at the Loft in Barcelona.
12:07:2019 - New EP Initial Granada Report
The Initial Granada Report EP is out now!
21:06:2019 - New track Tokyo Tokyo released from upcoming EP
808 State have released brand new track Tokyo Tokyo! It's taken from the digital-only EP Initial Granada Report to be released on 12 July 2019. This will be followed by yet another EP towards the end of August, all leading up to the new album. See discussion in the forum.
04:2019 - Record Store Day 2019 - 808 State - Four States of 808
ZTT / BMG are releasing a limited edition 808 State 4 x 12" vinyl box set featuring 27 tracks. Record Store day is on Saturday 13 April 2019. More info in the forum.
03:2019 - 808 State live at Dreamland Margate
808 State will be playing live at Dreamland Margate, supporting Happy Mondays on 13 July 2019.
02:2019 - 808 State live at Scarborough Open Air Theatre
808 State will be playing live at Scarborough Open Air Theatre as special guests at Hacienda Classical on 08 June 2019.
22:01:2019 - 808 State live at Bluedot Festival
808 State will be playing live at the Bluedot Festival on 20 July 2019.
06:01:2019 - Recap of 2018
808 State toured their 30th Anniversary Show in 2018 - 808:30. Releases in 2018 included: Full 2018 news archive.