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18 October: Toolshed/Sirconical to appear live at the Cornerhouse, Manchester on November 5th

Toolshed - B-Music 2005 - flyer

Toolshed - B-Music 2005 - flyer



Saturday November 5th 2005
Cornerhouse Galleries, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH.
Doors 7pm-11pm, Admission £10

A rare audio visual experience TOOLSHED providing alternative soundtracks to carefully selected scenes inspired by the sixties Czech New Wave and the Japanese avant garde.

And... 2 days before the release of his debut LP 'Waving At Planes' Gareth Mallinson's three piece SIRCONICAL live band will score Jiri Trinka's MINDBLOWING 'Cybernetic Grandmother' fusing micro-metal-mickey-isms with Goblin prog for this customised audio-visual head-squelch Plus... Anatolian acidik-folk Ashra-Temple dweller VOICE OF THE SEVEN WOODS

With DJs

Tickets: £10

Tickets available from Cornerhouse box office - (0161) 200 1500

10 October: Imago Portugal Setlist

The setlist for the Imago Portugal gig was as follows:

  • Satelites Are Spinning
  • 45 (47a) (an old Biting Tongues tune)
  • nananananaanaa
  • There Comes A Time
  • Bahamian Harvest
  • Gobots
  • All Mighty God
  • Rated X
  • Urbaniak
  • I rooster
  • Pazuzu
  • Mahaladin

Line-up: Paddy Steers, Graham Massey, Graham Clarke, Seaming Too, Howard Jacobs, Richard and Pat Illingworth.

28 September: Toolshed Album Cover

Here's the cover of the forthcoming Toolshed album - to be released on double-vinyl, with a CD version of the album also included inside, via Twisted Nerve records:

Toolshed - Album (Twisted Nerve)

The return of one of the most exciting acts that Twisted Nerve Records has ever had the pleasure of releasing records by. In a similar vein to 2003's Toolshed EP, by turns sinister, pulsating, throbbing, foreboding and uplifting, Toolshed's self-titled debut LPis like nothing you've ever heard before - with knobs on. Call it Komiche-freakout-spacerock, call it avant-freejazz-opera, call it what you want, but one thing that it most certainly is not is music to have on in the background.


  1. Pazuzu
  2. Nana Nana Naa Naa
  3. Don King Singh
  4. Love In Outerspace
  5. Mathematica
  6. Blackbean
  7. Wok And Goblet
  8. Urbaniak
  9. Phibes Interlude
  10. I Rooster
  11. Doc Watts
  12. Watusa
  13. Argumenta
  14. Sinequat
  15. Nubaahn
  16. Mahaladin

Release date: 28th November 2005

Catalogue Number: TN066

Format: 2xLP (with Free CD of the album)

28 September: New Toolshed single "I Rooster" - released in November

After the buzz at this years Green man festival on the toolshed track "I rooster" it looks like it will be released as a single also on Twisted nerve - probably the same time as the album.

28 September: More info on the Imago Portugal Event and Manchester Date on 5th November confirmed

Toolshed will be appearing at The Cornerhouse in Manchester on 5th November 2005, together with fellow Twisted Nerve act, Sirconical.

Toolshed - Imago Portugal - 2005
26 August: Graham Massey to DJ at the Bank Holiday B-Music All-Star Special this Sunday (28th August)

Graham will be DJ'ing this Sunday at the Cornerhouse, Oxford Street, Manchester as part of the B-Music All-Star Special this Sunday - 28th August 2005.


Sunday 28th August, 4-11pm.
Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester.

13 members of the extended B-Music family will be joining Dom and Andy for food, drink and some mind blowing musical party-tricks. Expect vintage jazz-pop-surf-soundtracks and fuzzsploitation.

Featuring DJs:

Dom Thomas (Finders Keepers)
Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve)
Graham Massey (Toolshed / 808 State)
Vox Pop
Martin The Mod (Vertigo)
Chris Mcbride (45 Midgets)
Jimmy Oddman (Sea Records)
Boney Votel
Benjamin Hatton (Invisible Spies)
Andrew Symington (Divine)
Doug Shipton (Delay 68)
Sermad (Vinyl Vulture)
Matt & Rich Hero (Vinyl Vulture)"

24 August: Toolshed Double Vinyl LP to be released on Twisted Nerve before the end of the year
Twisted Nerve - It Doesn't Rain It Pours - Postcard

The long awaited Toolshed album will be released as vinyl only Double LP via Twisted Nerve before the end of the year. As soon as we have more details, they'll be posted here..

21 August: Toolshed to appear at Portugal's Imago Filmfest on Friday 7th October 2005

Toolshed will be appearing at the Imago Filmfest in Fundão, Portugal on Friday 7th October 2005.


This is Graham Massey’s kraut rock project. Massey was 808 State, Biting Tongue or Homelife’s key member, and is a well-respected producer of, for instance, Björk’s “Post”. At Toolshed, Massey gathers some friends with the same taste for semi-controlled organic experimentalism: Paddy Steer (Homelife), Dick Harrison (Spaceheads), Graham Clark (jazz connected violinist), James Ford (Simian) e Seaming To on vocals .

At IMAGO, Toolshed will be on stage with Malcolm Mooney, Can’s original singer, to play five pieces specially made to five extracts from cult classics, including Vera Chytilova’s “Daisies” and Shuji Terayama’s “Emperor Tomato Ketchup”. Make no mistake about it, folks: these are real legends from Manchester’s music scene and will be at Fundão with a very special guest, yet to be revealed. "

16 August: Graham Massey at D:Percussion 2005

Here's some pictures taken at the D:Percussion Festival by 'Striker' on the VBulletin Message Board:

Graham Massey at D:Percussion 2005
Graham Massey at D:Percussion 2005
1 August: Graham Massey to DJ at D:Percussion 2005

Graham Massey will be DJ'ing on the Corona BMusic Stage at the DPercussion 05 Festival in Castlefield, Manchester.

29 April: New Homelife Digital Single

Homelife - Home Broadcaster

Exclusive Homelife Digital Single

Introducing the first ever Ninja Digital Single. Buy exclusive Ninja tracks not available anywhere else directly from us. First up is Homelife with the 'Home Broadcaste' EP, only available as a download direct to your PC. Not your work PC, mind (though it will, so to speak, work). No no. Your home PC. Keep your pyjamas on. Make a cup of tea. Dance around the kitchen. Do some mushrooms. Do the hoovering. Examine your carpet for hallucination-inducing patterning. Four tracks deep, 'Home Broadcaster' runs from the epic 'Arsonite' which effortlessly combines Bitches Brew, Bollywood and brown bread, through the perfect, sunny psych-pop of 'Five Flat Four' (with the greatest xylophone break since the invention of the synth), the folksy whimsy of Hair Cut' to the electro-rock of ?Blob?. Digitize, then catch the Homebroadcaster Tour.


01 Arsonite
02 Five Flat Four
03 Hair Cut
04 Blob

Purchase from Ninja Tunes here

26 March: Homelife remix Beck

The new Beck CD single, 'E-Pro' features a remix of the title track by Homelife.

Beck - E-Pro CD Single

Beck - E-Pro (UK CD Single) [14th March 2005]

Interpro: 9880052

1. E-Pro
2. Venom Confection (E-Pro Remix by Green, Music & Gold)
3. Ghost Range (E-Pro Remix by Homelife)
4. E-Pro (Video)

3 March: New Homelife live dates

Homelife (featuring Graham Massey) are playing a couple of dates within the UK in April/May.

"Homelife, now signed to Ninja Tune, have recently completed remixes for Beck (at his personal behest), make a welcome return to the Brewery after their original visit left the audience jaws on the floor. Led by Paddy Steer (Yargo, Lionrock) the Homelife releases have all been recorded in Paddy’s bedroom studio with contributions emailed in from around the globe to create a truly original international sound. With influences ranging from Dub, Electronica, Ambient and World beats and featuring Seaming To on vocals, Graham Massey (808 state) on saxophones and other electronically modified wind instruments, Tony Burnside (Yargo) on guitar and Faron Brooks of Vancouver on male vocals, Homelife makes a noise like no other. The band line-up varies but generally the live show involves some 8 multi-instrumentalists on a twisted journey to the very heart of bedroom club culture and beyond."

Catch them at :

  • April 28th - Oldham Castle, 38 Union Street Oldham Greater Manchester OL1 1DJ
  • April 30th - Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 1UN
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