TONY ROSS ! Where are you !!

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TONY ROSS ! Where are you !!

Postby taff_1 » 31 Dec 2006 03:48

Alright everyone ,

At the moment trying to track down an old friend from the early 90's.
His name is Tony Ross and he made quite a name for himself during those years,playing with the likes of Sasha and Graeme Park ect..Mainly in Leeds. If Anyone can help please get in toutch. If My memory serves me right he used to have a regular spot with 808 State at the 'Sound Garden' in Manchester.

Hope you Can Help.

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Postby solarex » 20 Mar 2008 08:40

I did my homework Markus, diggin' this thread up.

There is a (very) small interview with Tony Ross on OSA. With on important statement.

Whats your biggest memory from back in the day?

My biggest memory would be when I djed at the gmex supporting 808 state, it was the height of the madchester scene and tickets were like gold dust, the night was just unbelievable. ... ticleid=10

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Postby markus » 20 Mar 2008 09:56

Nice one Solarex, respect!

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