EM History: Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht

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EM History: Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht

Postby SPW » 14 Sep 2013 06:32

Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht - Track 1: Ebene (excerpt)

Irrlicht (album)


Irrlicht is the first album by Klaus Schulze. Originally released in 1972. Recorded without a synthesizer, Irrlicht's set of "early organ drone experiments."

In 2005, Schulze said, "Irrlicht still has more connections to Musique concrète than with today's electronics. I still never owned a synthesiser at the time."[4] Schulze mainly used a broken and modified electric organ, a recording of a classical orchestra rehearsal played backward, and a damaged amplifier to filter and alter sounds that he mixed on tape into a three-movement symphony.[4]

Irrlicht, despite its highly unconventional nature, was originally released on the prestigious krautrock label Ohr. Because Schulze was signed to them while a member of Tangerine Dream, the label asserted that his solo album belonged to them too;[4] Schulze's reaction was, "I was just glad that Irrlicht was released at all. Any other company would have probably turned me away with this record.

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