The death of superclubs and superstar djs

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The death of superclubs and superstar djs

Post by David » 21 Aug 2003 16:04

I have been waiting for this for years :P

Good f***ing riddance.

Mixmag,Ministry and all the commercial bullshit that spawned in the 1990s.

I found it obscene that Oakenfold etc would get thousands for spinning other people's records.
Also strange that the Spectrum scene that he created was a backlash against super clubs and designer labels.

When Acid House came it didn't matter what you wore or where you were.
It was honest,genuine and all about unlimited music that had no rules.
Dance music became exactly what it was rebelling against.
Superclubs,dress code,selective admission and f***ing expensive.

I got tired of Mixmag telling me how to take E this way or that way.
Full of twats trying to be in on the latest-afraid of being honest and genuine-what the scene was all about at first.
808 suffered of course because Don Solaris was not 4/4 Dancefloor beep beep .

We then had to suffer Fatboy Slim being made into some sort of musical genius.
And The Chemical Brothers could fart and everyone would dance to it.

Let's send the scene back to where it came from.Let's make it all about the music again,the honesty and the genuinity.
808 have always stuck to their roots,making music and not caring what the trendies though.Total respect.

No more Madonna or U2 trying to cash in. ... 08,00.html ... 72,00.html

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Amen and toodles....

Post by wiselteats » 11 Sep 2003 08:45

The superstar DJ thing.. what can you say. It was what it was. There were some good and bad.. mostly bad out of the bunch. Keoki, DJ Irene, Markski to name just a few, however, I have seen some high priced superstar DJ types- Swen Vath, Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk who really did take it to another level with their sets. Those SOOPER Star DJ's of yesteryear who hang in there and continue push the limits of "the scene" and just making ya shake yer ass are the true players and will always be there because they love what they do. It means absolutely f*** all to me about who was there first and the so called "purity" of the scene back in the day. Life is constantly changing.. to stay stuck in the past is moronic. Although I am glad to see the celebrity superstar DJ thing fade... it was a chapter in the Scenes history that changed everything and got more people together and dancing and living life.. bottom line. :-?

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Post by PatFromCanada » 11 Sep 2003 19:48

I have to add... what I DID LIKE about the ORIGINAL acid house partys was the fact that anyone was welcome and that you could go wearing whatever the fook you wanted. It had a rebellious quality about it in the early daze.

It was almost... parallel to the punk movements in the 70s and 80s.

The most incredible dance music came from artists that didn't have a lot of money and were pushing the limits of the small amount of gear that they had. The creativity came out working around and with limits in making great music.

In that aspect, it was very punk as well. Most artists were searching for something new and amazing to share with the community. They weren't concerned with the latest Pet Shop Boy remix or any trendy fomulas.

I REALLY miss that in electronic music and that is why I don't buy f***ing Ibiza soundtracks. f*** em'. The REAL Ibiza to me were the original breakbeat jungle movements that happened there. Not gatecrasher or pasha or whatever...

808 state were one of the many Mavericks that I always admired. F.S.O.L. , Orbital, BLAME, 2 Bad Mice, Omni Tio, Black Dog, Joey Beltram, Kicks like a Mule, Rat Pack Crew, Shut up and Dance, KLF (sometimes), APHEX, LFO, Alex Empire, ect... ect... ect.

Goodbye trendy cash cows. Hello new sounds!


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Post by JD » 12 Sep 2003 10:02

Nothing wrong with being trendy.

Nothing wrong with chasing the cash.

Nothing wrong with personal taste.

I have heard (and even tried to dance to) blinding sets from "superstar DJs" and I'm sure that if I was offered 10k to play someone else's records badly I would take it. Nothing wrong with that. It's the fannies that came to listen to me that would need set about.

The "scene" has been led by trendsetters since day one. To be a trendsetter is to have people follow you, often blindly. I am sure there are loads of people who say I love 808state without actually really loving them. Let them.

As long as there is quality in progression then let the pennies roll in.

F_U_C_K Emoticons.

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Post by PatFromCanada » 12 Sep 2003 14:57

In response to you pointing out that some peeps follow some trend-setters blindly. THAT is exactly the problem with a high percent of today's audience. You think that is ok?

I guess it is if you are the one cashing in on it. (I wouldn't mind that...)

The bottom line is.... people will do what the commercial media outlets TELLS them to do. I hate to think that so many people are THAT impressionable. It worries me.

Maybe it's just me, I don't know. But I hate having to hear the 'brilliant' Eminem tell me how much he hates everything and how his ex-wife is a bitch-pig over-and-over again just because he get's marketed and plugged so much on mainstream. "Oh my GOD! If Elton John sings with him he MUST be brilliant..."

The refreshing thing is the fact that we do have a choice to turn off or up the radio. Thank God for the freedom we do have.

Also, I don't want to sound like I should be the one telling everyone what to listen to either. I just think there is so much real talent that gets overlooked for some reason.

Then again, If I knew all the answers I wouldn't be here debating the issue would I? LOL! I'd be producing the next Justin Timberlake remix or the next 50 Cent album.

" cry me a river... " :-?


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Post by JD » 12 Sep 2003 15:33


That is what I'm saying, you have the choice. People are in it for the loot and if they can make loads then good on them. I wouldn't mind some of the cheeky girls (Canada must have an equivilent) dosh.

Make your personal choice and believe in it. If no-one listened to JT then he would disappear. If your standard JT fan listened to OT then they would most likely genuinely hate it. Fact.

I cannot stand Gareth Gates but I don't want him to fail.

F*U*C*K Emoticons (but I don't care if you use them).


Post by Souflex » 13 Sep 2003 12:57

Anyone who does not know, JD has a new job, he makes more money as it happens which of course has nothing to do with this classic of a comment...

JD writes...

I cannot stand Gareth Gates but I don't want him to fail.
JD the mountain air has got to me sorry but I think you are goin soft you sheep shaggin twat :P :P :P

All my luv to the you and the family as always mate :D


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