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Postby help!!! » 21 May 2002 17:00

anyone know which 808 state tune these lyrics are from (if any) I think it may be off the 'The north at its heights' album?

spent all last night sleeping on street corner,
my minds aching and i'm shaking like i've got pneumonia,
i'm in debt my last eighth was on tick.
i gotta problem can't see past my next fix
18 got my head in a guilotine.....

very appreciative if any knows.

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Postby JD » 21 May 2002 17:14

Own Worst Enemy - TNAIH
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Postby Mark » 21 May 2002 17:15

The lyrics are from track 4 of the Tunes/808 Album 'The North At Its Heights' and its title is 'Own Worst Enemy'

Hope this helps you, whoever you are.
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Postby help!!! » 21 May 2002 17:26

thank you guys, thats wicked :smile:
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