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Lionel D

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Hi all

Nick mentioned a nice JP site - laden with graphics and info, and mentioned that he doesn't read Japanese. Well, here's a translation. And yes, fellow 808ers, i too found it unintelligible, so i reread it and did some further translating!



808 State guide for a beginner:

From a trial to have you know 808 broadly at this corner It is a corner it takes, and to introduce whether you say Q&A.

Q-1, Q-2: What is the origin and meaning of the name "808 STATE". By the way, there is the one that "a grocer" (=808) calls in Japan.

A-1, A-2: From the Roland "TR- 808" drum machine that. From a thought of the belt that "STATE" says "state of mind" (mind / a state of a heart), In addition, there is what the United States of America (US) likes, and it is an interview of a certain minicomm magazine Then there is that "Hawaii linked" and until recently we've been linked to that. An exchange number of the Hawaiian telephone was "808".

The rest is standard run of the mill 808 State stuff



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Many Thankyou's to he who is LionelD.
I not be much Understanding that is this translation piece.
But yes agreement, 808 == Grocer, and we all once will agreement, the State of Heart is the same.


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