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808state's Tartan Army
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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

Good, uplifting stuff. One of my favourite demos out of what we've had so far. What does everyone else think?
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Post by Mark »

Great stuff, could easily have made it onto an album.
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Post by Rodders »

Totally agree, it sounds real classic 808. Good stuff.
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Post by markus »

Agree. My guess is that it was recorded at Sarm, the synths in the beginning sound so Trevor Hornish, pure Frankie...
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Post by SkiFamily91 »

yeah this track was top notch :) Loved it from the first note onwards! I've not been keen on some of the demos on here, for example Tubs is pretty poor, as was moors, and minton too. Nice demo of bond though ;)

any chance that the instrumental lopez could find its way onto here at any stage?

Also, how about the 12"-only tracks like Joyrider Sure is Pure? i want a COMPLETE 808 mp3 collection, and as it stands, ill never have those tracks :(

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