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Aural Delights

Post by Souflex »

Alright Marcus,

I was wondering why don't you link to the Aural Delights website from Blue Jammer?

He is takin 808 State very serious on his web with all the download stuff........... brilliant tunes by the way eh? And he has got lots of good links all related to good music.

He deservers it that is my opinion.


PS: if you have linked to him already then slap me for being silly.
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Post by markus »

Nish! Blue Jammer deserves a knighthood for making the madchester documentary available alone!
blue jammer
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Post by blue jammer »


I have some bad news...

The host (gisol) aren't happy about me hosting certain files, and I've had complaints about copyright twice this month, so at any time the whole lot could be pulled :(

I've just backed everything up in case this happens.

I have some potential good news though..

I'm hoping to buy some new hosting and plan for upto 5gig storage with hopefully unlimited bandwidth (fingers crossed) or at least 2-300 gig a month bandwidth, if this comes off, I'll host ALL the 808 shows (just got another 20 through) and some other movies that are being encoded at the moment, inc A Guy Called Gerald - live and T-coy live - which are amazing, and fantastic quality.

Server space isn't cheap so if anyone knows of a hosting company that would be happy to let me host mp3's and avi's and would allow 5gig storage and 300gig a month bandwidth or unlimited :P link me up please.

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