SEQUENCE v TECHNO EXPERIMENT: 22/8: Hood, Ruskin, Bolland +

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SEQUENCE v TECHNO EXPERIMENT: 22/8: Hood, Ruskin, Bolland +

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Sequence v The Techno Experiment

Bank Holiday Friday - 22nd August 2008
10.00pm till 5.00am
£12 NUS & Advance / £14 OTD

Room One: -
Robert Hood presents The Grey Area (M-Plant, Axis, Tresor)
Cj Bolland (R&S Records)
James Ruskin (Tresor, Blueprint)
Rob Hall (Skam, Gescom)
Computer Controlled (Sequence)
Mucky Beats & Oriel (Techno Experiment)

Room Two: -
Milanese - LIVE (Planet Mu, Warp)
Blackmass Plastics (Combat, Rag & Bone)
Michael Forshaw - LIVE (Chan & Mikes, SMB)
Teutonic Kaboom (Electrode, Data-Trace)
P45 - LIVE (Sequence)
Tiptoe & Just Frank (The Techno Experiment)
D Jacques & Mark Anderson (The Techno Experiment)

Bar: James Durkan & Phil Denton (Dirty Analogue), Ben Marsden & Carlo Ribeiro (Squelch), Waspnest Dj's, Tribal Tactics & Maze (Tech Fest), Trevor Savory & Jamie Wilson (Damage), Dan Bruce & Dom Lewey, Brain Grenade Dj's & Freaks Boutique Dj's

Following on from the massive launch party in July, August's edition of Sequence sees a mighty collaboration with Manchester crew The Techno Experiment for an unmissable event taking place on Friday of the August bank holiday weekend at Sankeys.

Detroit based minimal techno legend Robert Hood heads up the stellar line-up in the main. Along with Jeff Mills and Mike Banks, Robert was one of the original founders of Underground Resistance, a record label whose influential releases helped change the face of modern electronic music, sparking a creative resistance. As well as U.R. and his own M-Plant imprint, Robert has recorded on the likes of Axis and Metroplex, with a production style placing emphasis on soul and experimentation over flash and popularity. Although associated with Belgium, Cj Bolland was born in Yorkshire in 1971. His early releases on R&S Records are recognised as the best-known of his career, from the turbo-charged anthem 'Horsepower' on the 1991 'Ravesignal III' and 1992's 'Fourth Sign' which included the hypnotic 'Camargue' and the galloping 'Night Breed'. It's not usual you see Cj in the UK, so don't miss this rare chance to see a true European techno legend in action! London based producer and Dj, James Ruskin, is one of the all-time UK greats. Since he first burst onto the scene in the mid-1990's he's risen to be the top of his game through his productions on the likes of Blueprint and Tresor along with Dj appearances all over the world, helping propel his status as a leading light of the international techno scene. Support from Gescom and Skam collaborator Rob Hall, in our opinion, one of the finest Dj's around and a regular player at Sequence, along with Sequence and Techno Experiment residents, Computer Controlled, Mucky Beats and Oriel.

Room two sees a change in musical direction with headlining appearances from Milanese, Blackmass Plastics and Michael Forshaw. Milanese has released his music through Warp, Planet Mu, Combat and Arcola with his unique sound bordering on dubstep, techno and bass. He has played at Sequence many times, always devastating the crowd with his digital grime-core heavy productions. Blackmass Plastics, a veteran to many a scene, first came to prominence for his releases with The Deadsilence Syndicate and through his own label, Thorn Industries. His gritty, bass-heavy sound takes in a variety of influences including early 90's rave and 80's electro and industrial. Michael Forshaw is one of our favourite techno/electro producers and his releases on his own Chan N Mikes imprint and SMB remain firm Sequence bombs to this day. His off-the-wall sound is completely unique, mixing up different styles and influences including techno, electro and Chicago booty tracks. Support in room two from Sequence resident P45, Electrode resident Teutonic Kaboom and Techno Experiment crew Tiptoe, Just Frank, D Jacques and Mark Anderson.

The bar will be taken over by friends of both Sequence and The Techno Experiment... some of the most skilled, up-and-coming Djs from the area and people who we think firmly deserve a shot! It's shaping up to be a massive night and one of our biggest parties of the bank holiday weekend so stick it in your diaries, hope to see some of you down the front!

Sankeys, Radium Street, Manchester, M4 6AY
T: (0161) 2365444

Manchester Ticket Outlets: Eastern Bloc (Oldham Street), Piccadilly Records (Oldham Street) & Video Scene (Withington)
NUS Only Ticket Outlets: Gaffs (Fallowfield) & Revolution (Fallowfield)
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Buy online at:

Coaches running from Leeds (Joe - 0782 8914732), North Wales (Danni - 0776 5606720) & Mid Wales (Frank - 0785 4844243)

For more info go to: /
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Infolines: (0787) 9843224 / (0778) 9967525 / (0791) 7877166

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