"And now - a word from our sponsor..."

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"And now - a word from our sponsor..."

Post by dee3 »

Planked this one off of Andrew Duke from Cognition Audio Works.

This is probably one of the most original and funniest plugs,
I've recently seen.

"Is the sound in your Cosmic Car not as Clear as you'd like to hear?

Your UR039 Infiltrator not cuttin' through the audio spamiverse?

Perhaps you need to upgrade to the Model 500 or X-102 series
to get that boom you're looking for; there's no need to sound like
you're stuck in an elevator.

Check out Cognition Audioworks and we'll run the Numbers
and make sure you're given the props you deserve
when you're out there waging Electronic Warfare in your vehicle.

With 22 years in service, look (and listen) to Cognition Audioworks
for all your car audio installation needs. That's Cognition Audioworks,

Just in case you missed it,

:D :D :D :D :D
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